Is Your Chimney Leaning? Get It Checked By A Professional

Is Your Chimney Leaning?

As you are observing your home this spring, take a good look at your chimney. If you see it leaning, it is time to contact a professional to have this looked at. A chimney can lean for several reasons. To avoid a major issue, contact us as soon as you see that there may be an issue. 

Leaning chimney repair in in Mount Pleasant WIWhy Would Your Chimney Be Leaning?

  • Damage to the masonry. Over time, masonry becomes worn. With freezing and thawing the bricks may decay. Sections may crumble and fall out. This can cause an unbalance and there will be leaning. 
  • Poor quality workmanship. There are standards in building chimneys. If the construction was not performed by a professional mason, you may have issues. If the bricks are of inferior quality, you may find that the chimney will start to lean. 
  • Unstable ground.  If the soil the chimney was built on is loose the footings will shift over time. The chimney, without sound footings, will begin to lean.
  • Footing issues. 
    • The footings need to be reinforced. If a chimney is built with insufficient footings it can crack. This can cause the chimney to lean towards one side. 
    • The chimney footings are not an appropriate size. If they are too narrow or shallow, the weight of the chimney may cause them to crack.
  • House settling. It is normal for a house to settle over time. This effect may cause a leaning of the chimney. This is not one of the most common issues, but it does happen.

It is always a good idea to have annual chimney sweeps and inspections.  If you see that your chimney is leaning, it is time for that appointment. 

Signs That Your Chimney May Be Compromised.

  • Leaky chimney. You find water in your firebox. Water is coming in. You see white chalky marks on the bricks. This is a sign of leakage.
  • Mortar that has decayed. If you see crumbling from the mortar between the bricks. There may be an issue of unsettling.
  • Gaps in the caulking between the chimney and the joint near the roof. 
  • Flashing that has started to warp. Water will cause warping which can lead to chimney damage.

Keep an eye on the outside of your chimney and its surrounding area that attaches to your home. Any signs of concern should be addressed right away.  

Professional Chimney Sweep, Janesville WI

Call Burlington Fireplace & Solar for all your chimney and fireplace needs. We are here to help in any way we can.

You can reach us at 262-763-3522. As mentioned, it is recommended to have an annual chimney sweep and inspection. Keeping up with all the maintenance of your fireplace will prevent major issues from getting out of hand. Having a clean and safe fireplace will keep you enjoying your fireplace for years to come. 

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