Increase Home's Value - Fireplace Remodeling & Makeover

Increase Home’s Value With Fireplace Makeover?

new fireplace makeover in kenosha wiIn the average home, the fireplace is one of the first things a prospective buyer notices when entering the living room.  Whether there’s a fire in it or not, even a simple fireplace seems to magically draw attention.  Now imagine that the “simple” fireplace underwent a makeover that caused it to not just draw attention but to demand it.

The difference between a basic fireplace and one that’s the center of something truly special and inviting can mean the difference between how much buyers are willing to pay for the house.

As it is, just about every real estate agent will tell you that buyers will pay more for homes with fireplaces.  But why not up the ante and present your fireplace in a stunning and unique way – both for buyers when you sell it and you while you live in it?

The bottom line in getting the desired sale price for a home is creating an atmosphere that buyers like and enjoy and feel good in.  A fireplace makeover will accomplish this.

Elements within a cool fireplace makeover

Glass doors: Adding a set of elegant glass doors to a fireplace will instantly increase its appeal.  Available in many different styles and trim finishes, glass fireplace doors not only act to protect your home from embers popping out of the firebox but they also look fantastic.

A new mantel: A mantel runs along the top of the fireplace, spanning its width and then some.  You can find beautiful mantels with intricate carving and design work in a variety of long-lasting materials.  Mantels present a stately appearance and are perfect shelves for family photos, flowers, artwork, antiques or even a TV screen.

Custom surround: This makeover element can instantly change a drab hearth area into one of interest and vitality.  Surrounds are pre-made or custom-made and come in many different sizes and styles.  Choose from real or simulated brick, stone, granite, wood and other materials to match the room’s décor.  Surrounds instantly make the fireplace seem larger and automatically add a touch of class – and value – to any fireplace area.

Wall treatments: Working outward from the surround, consider what might be done with a larger portion of the wall on the fireplace side of the room.  Paint is a good start.  But what about new luxurious paneling, stylistic shelving, a tapestry, some paintings or a unique lighting-fixture layout?  Give it some thought and determine what look best matches your tastes.

expert fireplace remodel on mantel and bricks in walworth wiIn just reading through these suggestions, you can already see how a fireplace makeover can create a whole new mood and feeling in a room.  Now imagine the fireplace in full, roaring operation with all that beauty surrounding it.  It’s substantial beauty that’s there for you to enjoy and for potential buyers to marvel at when it’s time to sell.

Need more ideas?  Have some questions?  Burlington Fireplace of Wisconsin is here to help with any hearth-area improvement project.  We sell, custom-build and install and would love to help with your fireplace makeover.  Visit us at 857 Milwaukee Ave., or reach us by phone at (262) 763-3522. 

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