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5 Tips to Increase Enjoyment of Your Home Fireplace

A fireplace in your home is an asset that can be capitalized on in many appealing ways. If your fireplace hasn’t provided the level of enjoyment you had hoped for, it’s possible to turn things around. Whether you have had difficulty getting hearty fires going, lack essential accessories, or need some inspiration, the following tips can help.

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1- Schedule Chimney Cleaning

If your fireplace hasn’t been cleaned or inspected for longer than you can remember, a couple of resulting issues could detract from the enjoyment of your home fireplace. A thick layer of creosote in the chimney would disrupt the operation of the venting system. Instead of going up the chimney as it’s supposed to, smoke may be entering your home. A smoky fireplace is no fun. Plus, due to the lack of routine cleaning, there could be a nasty smell coming from the chimney. Bad odors are always unpleasant. Contact chimney professionals and schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning, for an odor-free fireplace and chimney that operate correctly.
Bonus tip: If you throw a lemon peel or orange peel in fires, it will create a pleasing scent.

2- Create an Inviting Setting

Place some comfy seating around the fireplace-a recliner, rocker, and cushy couch are all perfect. Include ottomans for foot-propping relaxation. Lighting that accommodates reading will also help to create a welcoming setting around your fireplace. If you place good books, coasters, remote controls, and a few board games near the fireplace, as well, it could become the gathering place you’ve wanted it to be.

If the design of your fireplace is badly outdated, the only way to make your fireplace truly inviting may be to have a fireplace makeover.

3- Make it Easy to Build Fires

Keep all necessary components for starting a wood fire close at hand. Within a few feet of your fireplace, store seasoned firewood, kindling, long matches, and some newspaper or another type of tinder. Build fires on a fireplace grate, which should be the proper size for the measurements of the firebox.

4- Buy Fireplace Accessories

It’s tough to enjoy a fireplace without basic tools and safety features. You may need to invest in a screen for your fireplace. It’s important to have something that prevents sparks and embers from flying into the room and potentially burning someone or coming into contact with something combustible. You should also have a fireplace tool set with a poker, brush, log lifter, and shovel. For cleanup, it’s very handy to have a vacuum that’s designed specifically to remove ashes from a fireplace or stove.

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 5- Install Fireplace Insert

You would be in good company if you’ve been disappointed about the lack of substantial heat produced by your masonry fireplace. Many homeowners interested in reducing their winter utility costs and being more environmentally friendly have had a fireplace insert installed in their masonry fireplace. An insert provides a significant upgrade, from about 10% efficiency to at least 70% efficiency or more.



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