Get Your Summer BBQ On With A New Smoker Or Grill!

Are You in the Market for a New Grill or Smoker?

We are all about summer BBQs and fireplaces for winter at Burlington Fireplace & Solar. If you are in the market for a new grill or smoker, we realize it can be tough to choose between them. Below are tips for choosing between a gas grill and a smoker. We will also recommend some outstanding top brands. As a side note, other things to consider include our built-in BBQs, BBQ islands, and custom outdoor kitchens! So, read on to get your grill on or your smoker smoking!

outdoor kitchen space in Richmond ILSmokers VS Gas Grills

Grills and smokers are great choices for summer cooking. Gas grills are versatile and can be great for cooking outdoor meats and vegetables. Smokers are excellent for cooking smoke-infused big meat dishes such as brisket. There can be some complicated reasons for choosing one over the other. 

  • Charcoal and gas grills are primarily used for grilling. The food is cooked over a flame. Grilled food can be both quick and delicious! But, as far as taste goes, smoke isn’t a contributing factor.
  • Smokers have a reputation for making better-tasting food than any other variety of grill. An incredible depth of flavor is achieved when you smoke your food. 
  • The owner of a successful BBQ restaurant gives a thumbs-up to smokers as the best method for cooking meat slowly at low temperatures and choosing certain types of wood for extra flavor.

More About Smokers

Slow-roasting big cuts of meat such as tenderloin, ribs, and brisket is what smokers are primarily all about. However, you don’t have to stop there. You can also achieve perfection by smoking chicken, fish, and other surprising things—such as smoked cream cheese!  

Because they are typically larger than gas grills, you can cook more with most smokers. Imagine smoking a rack of ribs on one end of the grill and a chicken on the other. In the meantime, you can heat up various side dishes on the grill, as well. 

Burlington’s Recommendations for Smokers and Grills

Burlington Fireplace is a great place to find top-rated grills, smokers, and BBQs. Whether you are a backyard BBQ master or a grill enthusiast, we have a range of grills from smaller units for barbecuing on charcoal to large professional-level gas grills. At Burlington, we recommend the following exceptional brands:

  • Louisiana Grills, including the Louisiana Pellet Grill
  • Napolean offers high-end gas and infrared grills
  • Pit Boss Grills and pellet grills are rising stars on the grill market offering serious competitiveness at a better value
  • Primo Grills and Smokers offers Primo Ceramic Grills, which are among the most versatile outdoor cookers on the planet! These are Kamado-styled cookers that can be used to grill, roast, and smoke tender, juicy, irresistible foods!

Grill & smokers in Richmond ILContact Burlington About a New Grill or Smoker

Are you in the market for a new grill or smoker? Contact us at Burlington Fireplace & Solar! We are delighted to offer new grills and smokers along with custom outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and built-in BBQ islands. Safe fireplaces and chimneys are integral to enjoying winter weather; and, yes, we also cater to integral summer activities! We accommodate epic BBQs and backyard tailgating parties!

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