Gas Fireplace Insert - Sell Your Home Faster With Fireplace Install

Gas Fireplace Insert Will Help Your Home Sell Faster

gas fireplace install in kenosha wiIt’s well-known among Realtors that fireplaces are high on the list of amenities homebuyers have a keen interest in.  Something else many buyers are interested in is efficient heating and ways of cutting down on heating expenses.  For these buyers, a traditional masonry wood-burning fireplace may not be a coveted amenity, because these units are anything but efficient and not even a very good source of supplemental heat.

If you’re planning to put your home on the market and your home has a masonry fireplace, you might consider upgrading with a new gas fireplace insert.  Real estate agents will tell you that this upgrade alone, in many cases, can lead to your home selling faster.

What is a gas fireplace insert?

A fireplace insert is placed inside the opening of an existing masonry fireplace.  Think of it as a fireplace in a box.  Factory-built of steel or iron, inserts are ultra-efficient and produce far more heat than any masonry fireplace.  Inserts perform on a “closed-combustion” system, meaning large amounts of heat are retained within the appliance to be used to heat the room, rather than having all that heat go up the chimney, as is the case with masonry units.

Gas fireplace inserts can run on natural gas or propane.  They’re available in a wide range of designs, sizes, styles and finishes, so it won’t be hard to bring home a model that makes a perfect match with your home’s décor.  Fireplace inserts should be installed by a professional, not by the homeowner.  Most leading fireplace retailers offer this service to their customers.

A lot more heat

As noted above, gas fireplace inserts are built to operate at much higher efficiency levels than masonry fireplaces.  A typical masonry unit may have an efficiency rating of 25% – or even less.  That’s not enough to a good job heating a home, especially in colder regions of the country.  Gas fireplace inserts, on the other hand, typically have efficiency ratings of 58% to 85%, depending on the model.  Some inserts come with vents & fans, which allow more heat to be pushed out into the room for better heating.

Realistic look

If you really like the sight of flaming wood logs, you’ll be happy to know that decorative gas fireplace logs look remarkably similar to their wood counterparts.  These logs have markings, shapes and coloring like real wood logs, so you won’t be sacrificing the lovely ambience of a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

Ease of operation

geneva wi gas logs and gas fireplace insertYou also won’t be sacrificing all the time spent buying, hauling and storing logs and then lugging them into the house and cleaning up after them.  Additionally, your fires will start instantly, with the push of a button.  And when it’s time to extinguish the fire, a gas fireplace goes out as soon as you turn off the gas supply.

These and other benefits make a home with a gas fireplace insert very attractive to many homebuyers.  It also will make a positive difference to you for as long as you live in your home.

Burlington Fireplace of Wisconsin carries a variety of handsome gas fireplace inserts.  We can help you decide on the model that’s just right for your home.  Stop in and see us at 857 Milwaukee Ave. in Burlington, or give us a call at (262) 763-3522.

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