Fresh Fireplace Trends 2022 - Build Your Dream Fireplace & Surround

Fresh Fireplace Trends 2022

When it comes to fireplace trends, we’ve heard and seen it all. We’ve got the inside track to what people ask for and what fireplace manufacturers believe will be the next big thing. We hear from customers, designers, remodelers, home builders, and everyone in between. Here are our favorite trends when it comes to designing or installing your dream fireplace in 2022:

gas fireplace install in Burlington WI1. Clean is still king

Fireplaces with clean-faced fronts and clean-looking walls have become and are staying extremely popular. Ornate fronts with lots of metalwork, or real intricate stonework has taken a back seat to more simple approaches. Most fireplace manufacturers have released more options to give customers bigger viewing windows with beautiful, realistic log sets.

2. White hot:

The biggest growth in fireplace style we’ve seen is with white designs. Whether it’s a full wall of white ledge stone, or white painted brick, the brightness and clean look of a white fireplace wall has exploded. The ease of which a white fireplace wall can blend into any home décor style is just one reason why it’s become so popular in 2022.

3. Fire as art:

While everybody loves a good set of logs, more people have gravitated towards alternate media options such as glass crystals, cannonballs, or river rocks. These alternates still give the warm feel of a fire but offer a less rustic approach. Many people are glad to hear they have so many options to choose from as it offers the ability to decorate and design the rest of the fireplace wall or room in a less conventional way.

wood fireplace mantel in kenosha wi4. Natural, Local Materials:

Recently we’ve noticed an uptick in the selection process of natural materials such as stone and real log mantels. These items have always been hugely popular, but less expensive alternates such as cultured stone have eaten away at their market share. Over the past few years, the ration of projects has essentially flipped – where more people feel comfortable spending a little more for a natural product, especially if it’s from a local quarry or woodshop. Having a connection to the materials means more in 2022 than it has in a very long time.

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