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Four Summertime Fireplace Myths

Yes, it’s true, if you aren’t careful you can end up believing myths about your fireplace. Perhaps you’ve just come to believe these things over time or maybe you’ve heard them from relatives and friends. We’d like to believe that myths aren’t harmful, but they definitely can be. They can cost unnecessary time and money because we fail to investigate matters for ourselves. There are many fireplace myths out there that simply aren’t true. Let’s see if any of these surprise you.

Decorated Fireplace, Burlington WISummer Fireplace Myth #1: Your Fireplace has no purpose if you are not burning a fire.

A fireplace is for fires, right? Of course, but if you’ve ever seen an amazing fireplace, you know that it doesn’t have to have a raging fire inside in order to still be the major focal point of a room if not the whole house.

A fireplace can feel warm and attractive even in the summer months. You can even theme the decor for the summer!

Summer Fireplace Myth #2: If you are not using your fireplace then you don’t have to worry about your chimney.

This myth is one of the biggest of them all! A chimney is an opening to the outside world!

When you have a fire it is working to allow smoke to escape, but if there is no fire burning the fireplace opening needs attention. It needs to be protected from outside elements like rain, debris, and animals. It still needs to be cleaned and routinely examined for structural issues.

Summer Fireplace Myth #3: Fireplaces are meant to be used indoors

As a society, we find ourselves mostly indoors and out of the elements unlike our ancestors but they knew something we often forget. Outdoor fireplaces can be magical. The same “wow” factor that happens indoors can take a backyard from “ok” to “Oh -My-Goodness!” fire pits are popular but a full-blown fireplace in an enclosed patio can take a backyard to a whole new level.

Chimney Sweeping Burlington, WISummer Fireplace Myth #4: Cleaning a fireplace once at the end of winter will keep it from stinking during the summer

We all love the idea of “set it and forget it.” Unfortunately, that phrase does not apply to fireplaces and chimneys. Chimneys are front and center to all kinds of weather events. Storms can wear away brick or mortar leading to leaks.

That water combined with creosote that may have been out of reach to DIY-ers can have a terrible odor…think moldy barbecue. An inspection and cleaning during the summer can get to creosote in hard to reach places and take care of leaks that have gone unnoticed.


Burlington Fireplace can help disprove myths and get your fireplace in tip top shape this Summer

If you have believed any of these myths in the past, you are not the only one! It’s common for people to neglect their fireplace and chimneys but now you know how versatile a fireplace can be and the extra care it needs to be the amazing invention it is. Taking the time to get a fireplace inspected and cleaned at least once a year can make the difference between dreading a fireplace and delighting in it. We here at Burlington Fireplace know how important your home is to you and we make your fireplace a priority. Call us today at 262-763-3522 with any questions you might have and for all of your maintenance needs.

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