What Can I Do To Stop My Gas Fireplace From Going Out?

How to Fix a Gas Fireplace That Keeps Going Out

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After months of looking forward to firing up their gas fireplace in winter, homeowners sometimes discover their heating appliance won’t light! It’s frustrating and can also be an ill-timed repair cost, in which case a bit of troubleshooting is called for. Gas problems often require the attention of experts, such as NFI-certified chimney experts. If you want to try a do-it-yourself fix for your gas fireplace, however, a good safety tip is to make sure your carbon monoxide detector is operational.


Deadly carbon monoxide fumes are among the toxic gases that can be released by a gas fireplace. Carbon monoxide is tasteless, odorless, invisible, and symptomless. The safety alarm can help ensure the safety of your family as you try to get your gas fireplace started.

Tips to Light a Gas Fireplace That Won’t Turn On

If you are able to light the pilot on your gas fireplace but it won’t stay lit, the problem is likely that the thermocouple is worn and needs to be replaced.
A possible quick fix when the fireplace won’t light or stay lit is to blow compressed air into the pilot light area.

If your gas fireplace won’t light at all, the following are some steps that may resolve the problem:
Check to be sure that gas has not been turned off at the main gas valve.
In rural areas, it is common for insects such as spiders to set up house in pilot tubes. To avoid this problem in country settings, it is recommended that pilot lights be left on during the offseason.
The problem could be the spark ignitor if the gas fireplace won’t light even though there is gas. Check for debris between the thermocouple and the ignitor and, as needed, clear it out. If that doesn’t work, repair is likely required.
If it has been at least two months since the pilot has been lit, it may be necessary to purge the air from the pilot tubing, and here’s how: For 1 to 3 minutes, hold the pilot button down, which will bleed the air out.

Call The Chimney Experts

Gas Fireplace Installation in Kenosha, WIDifferent types of fireplaces require different fixes when the gas fireplace won’t light. Potential problems include defective valves and loose connections. If you have an electric ignition unit, the problem may be bad modules. If the system is backed up by batteries, you could switch the alternate power source on. When gas fireplace repair is required, be sure to call experts on repair for fireplaces as opposed to a less expensive handyman, who may be more familiar with furnaces, which operate differently.


Make an appointment with a trained, experienced technician. The cost is normally around $100 to $150.

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