Learn About Fireplaces & Stoves at Our “Fire Academy” Events -

Location: 857 Milwaukee Avenue (Hwy 36) · Burlington, WI

learn about fireplaces, inserts and stoves

Special Showroom Hours!
Open Wednesdays until 7pm from October 7th until January 31st.

• Extended Showroom Hours - Staying open later to better fit your weekly schedule

• Fireplace Academy - Giving honest advice, tips, and insight in a
no-pressure atmosphere to those wanting to learn more about their products and the world of fireplaces, inserts, stoves and more.


No-pressure approach
dedicated to interaction, not selling

Don't know what you have, how to use it, or ever had a fireplace or stove before? We're here to help:

   • Question answering about anything fireplace related

   • Bring in your manual, remote, pictures, and ideas


Interested in a project and want some ideas?

   • Newest in fireplace design, trends, & decor

   • DIY ideas & how to do it

   • Bring photos of what you have and what you want!


Wood moisture testing - bring it and we'll test it

You're Guaranteed to learn something new!

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