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Our Favorite Outdoor Fire Features

Spring, summer, and fall are seasons when gathering outside around a fire is a favorite activity. Outdoor fire pits, fireplaces, and other fire effects are among the fastest growing types of products in today’s hearth industry. A friendly, intimate outdoor setting complete with fire is ideal for gatherings.

outdoor fire pit in Beloit WIFire Pits

Outdoor fire pits are all the rage but much more than a fad. Homeowners are discovering that accommodating outdoor memories is a great way to pack more enjoyment into life. Wood-burning pits come in many beautiful varieties. Pits can also have a metal sleeve, and structure is built around it. Accessories such as cooking grills and heavy-duty log grates are available with many units.

Gas-burning fire pits look much the same as wood-burning pits. The flames have no distinguishable difference, and the beauty is also equal. Gas fire pits are extremely versatile and can be sized for any type or shape of enclosure. Stainless steel components make it safe, and the fire pits can be enhanced with stone or brick. Some gas fire pits have a match-lit kit and others have an electronic ignition. Gas pits can display log sets, lava rock, river rock, fire glass, and other forms of media.

Fire Tables

Fire tables combine the practicality and portability of a table with the beauty and appeal of a fire pit. There are many different burner styles, sizes, and media to choose from. Either gas lines can be run to where the tables will be placed or propane tanks can be stored neatly underneath. Fire tables are ideal for entertaining guests, with snacks and beverages on display.

Fire Effects

There are numerous options for turning up the fun in an outdoor setting. Gas-lit tiki torches, twirling fire torches, and features that combine fire and water are just a few of the possibilities. Our installation crew is highly trained to work with gas lines, and they can custom-build the unique creation of your dreams.

Patio Heaters

No need to head indoors when it’s cold outside. Large and small heaters are available to compliment your own private outdoor gathering area. Large units are ideal for spacious areas with frequent wind, such as near a lake or river. Outdoor patio heaters are often used in restaurants, enabling attractive patio areas to be enjoyed year-around.

outdoor fireplacesFireplaces

Gorgeous masonry fireplace structures can add as much to your backyard as they do to your den but for a fraction of the cost. Whether you want a built-in wood fireplace or gas fireplace, you will find that enjoying a fireplace in an outdoor setting comes with that one-of-a-kind ambiance that makes fireplaces a top household amenity.

Burlington Fireplace & Heating has many great outdoor fire products. In addition to fire pits and fire tables, we offer outdoor heaters and upgrades to existing backyard fireplaces. Popular built-in gas fireplaces are also available, and we have gas burners for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Come visit our outdoor fire showroom patio display, choose your favorite, and get those fires burning.

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