Factory Built Fireplace Replacement - Gas & Wood Burning Fireplace

Factory Built Fireplace Replacement

sussex wi great looking factory fireplace As the name suggests, factory-built fireplaces are pre-fabricated quality heating appliances that are manufactured in a factory and mounted inside a surround when installed in the home. Since they are mass produced, they are less expensive then traditional masonry fireplaces. This has led to their rise in popularity. And if you own a newer home, your fireplace was probably built in a factory.

GA factory-built fireplace will provide years of enjoyment, but will eventually need replacement when they reach their end of life which is about 10 to 15 years, when properly maintained. Homeowners that fail to replace a factory-built fireplace when it reaches the end of life risk the potential for injury and fire from worn out parts and components.

During a factory-built fireplace replacement, the entire unit is completely removed from the surround and a brand new unit is inserted in its place. Other components including the chimney, flue, and vents for example, are inspected and repaired or replaced. Unless there were annual chimney sweeps, there may be quite a build up of creosote, potentially a major fire hazard, inside the chimney and flue from years of use that will need to be removed.

Choosing your factory-built fireplace replacement

One of the advantages of replacing a factory-built fireplace is the vast amount of options and choices that are currently available. For instance, you can opt for the convenience of gas even if you always had a wood-burning fireplace and vice-versa.  Not only can you change the fuel source, but you can change an outdated appearance with a trendy new style too.

Quite a bit of progress has been made in the last decade, and newer heating appliances are now more energy efficient than ever before. And whether you choose gas or wood fuel, a factory built fireplace replacement is good for the environment and your wallet. In fact, EPA-certified wood-burning fireplaces are up to 50% more energy efficient. They also burn up to 30% less fuel and leave a lesser amount of creosote residue; thus, reducing energy costs while increasing safety.

Gas-vent fireplaces

Replacing your factory-built fireplace with a gas-vented fireplace insert, gives you the ambiance of a beautiful fire with the convenience of gas. A flip of a switch is all it takes to instantly ignite the flames spreading the warmth of clean radiant heat throughout an entire room without wasting any energy through the chimney.

Wood-burning fireplaces

walworth wi factory fireplace installationFor something more traditional, you can’t beat a high-efficiency wood-burning fireplace insert with its unmistakable roaring flames and the fresh scent of burning wood to keep your family warm and toasty on a cold winter morning.  For a hands-free wood-burning operation, pellet wood fireplaces are a convenient and economical factory built fireplace replacement that provides continuous heat without any effort.

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