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Estimated Pricing Range

Below are general, ballpark figures for common types of fireplace projects. Each and every project is unique and pricing will always vary, but for budgeting purposes we understand it is nice to have a rough idea on how much your next fireplace project will cost. Please read each section carefully to fully understand which category your project falls in as terminology and lingo can be confusing. The price ranges below reflect normal, installed prices.

gas fireplace insert install in Kenosha WI

Gas Insert: $4,000-6,500

Our most common type of project involves inserting a high-efficiency gas fireplace into an existing wood fireplace, thus the term ‘insert’. These projects also typically involve running a gas and electrical line into your fireplace (if not there already), re-lining the flue with the appropriate venting, and your choice of a wide array of fireplace options, styles, sizes, and colors. This is typically a one-day project.

new gas fireplace for sale in Lake Geneva WI

Gas Fireplace: $3,500-6,500 (New construction), or $4,000-8,000 (remodel)

Installing a gas fireplace either involves starting from scratch (new construction, addition, etc.), or removing an already existing fireplace and putting a new fireplace in its place. This differs from gas insert projects in that an insert gets retro-fitted into an existing wood fireplace, where a new gas fireplace is in exchange for an old fireplace (if you have one) or framing a new wall to place it in. At a bare minimum these projects include setting the fireplace into framing and venting it through the wall or roof, or can also include gas piping, electrical wiring, removing stone, laying new stone, etc.

gas stove repair in Wisconsin

Gas Stove: $3,500-6,000

Gas stove installations can usually be installed fairly easily, and sometimes benefit from the infrastructure left by an old wood or pellet stove. These installs normally include the vent pipe, floor protection (gas stoves can sit on tile, brick, hardwood, etc., but not carpeting or vinyl), gas piping, and labor. Expect this to be a one-day job.

gas log set in pleasant prairie WI

Gas Log Set: $1,000-2,000

A gas log set entails a new set of ceramic or fiber logs with a burner pan and grate for them to sit on. These can be easily set into existing wood fireplaces and the rest of the fireplace remains the same: You still open the doors and open the flue like normal operation. Only difference is now you turn a knob or use a remote to fire up the gas burner and no more ash cleanup required! The price above includes a normal, short gas run, and a typical-sized fireplace.

Elkhorn, WI wood insert installation

Wood Insert: $4,000-6,500

People looking to continue burning wood but wish to make their old, drafty fireplace more efficient are perfect fits for a wood insert. Wood inserts are high-efficiency fireplaces designed to be ‘inserted’ into an existing fireplace and include blower kits, ceramic glass viewing doors, and air controls to maximize burn time. Expect a lot more heat out of a lot less wood with wood inserts. These projects also typically include electrical hard-wiring for the blower kits and a stainless-steel liner kit run through the old flue.

new wood burning fireplace for sale in Richmond IL

Wood Fireplace: $3,500-8,000+

Similar to gas fireplace installations, a wood fireplace is either set into a newly framed opening (new construction, additions, etc), or used as a replacement for an old fireplace after it’s torn out. In some cases older wood fireplaces are not big enough for an insert, and replacing it with a new fireplace is the best option. These projects usually include new venting (since old vent pipes are almost never compatible with newer, hotter fireplaces), electrical wiring, etc., and can also include other work such as removal of the old fireplace, stone-work, gas piping, fresh air kits, etc., hence the wide range in pricing. 

wood stoves in waterford wi

Wood Stove: $4,000-$7,000

Free-standing wood stoves are still extremely popular today due to their timeless rustic look combined with modern high-efficiency heating capabilities. Stoves come in many sizes, styles, and finishes, and are usually installed with a new chimney system through the roof (only rarely can you re-use old pipe, sometimes it can be kept in place but re-lined or adapted to) and new floor protection. Replacing an old stove with a new one can typically be done for a little less, but regardless most stove projects can be completed in one day.

electric fireplace service in Milwaukee WI

Electric Fireplace or Insert: $900-3,000

Electric fireplaces or inserts are relatively synonymous in our industry since most models are not subject to the same heat codes and clearances as wood or gas products. These then can be inserted into existing fireplaces, cabinets, walls, or mounted on top of walls as a neat decorative feature. Most electric fireplaces include the LED flames, heater, remote, and some sort of electrical wiring for power. These projects are much easier to install since they require no venting, gas piping, etc. and can be installed for much cheaper.

custom fireplace restorations

Full Custom Projects: $8,000-$15,000+

Being a custom store, we can install as much or as little of your fireplace project as you wish. We do, however, have skilled masons and craftsmen on staff who install fireplaces, stonework, mantels, hearth stones, TV wiring, wood nooks, and more. Even more so than the above projects, the price here varies significantly depending on the scope of the project (how much work you have us do vs. other contractors or yourself), type of fireplace, stone, mantel, etc., ceiling height, and a collection of other factors. The best way to get a better ballpark price is to come up with your best idea and share it with one of our office staff via email or phone (or stop in, we like visitors!), and we can narrow it down as best we can. These projects are ideal when you want a beautiful home-run look and only want to hire one contractor (us) to handle it all for you.

fireplace glass door install in burlington wi

Glass Doors: $700-1,500+

Glass doors come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors and can be custom made to fit any fireplace. Some fireplaces can accommodate standard size doors, but it’s less common than you’d think. Regardless, doors can be made to overlap existing facing material or fit inside an irregular stone opening.

Pellet stoves for sale in Germantown WI

Pellet Stove: $5,000-6,500

Ideal for basements, 3-seasons rooms, or for those on LP, pellet stove installations typically include short venting runs, floor protection (hearth pads), and the stove itself. Depending on difficulty, most stove projects can also be done in one day.

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