Electric Fireplaces Are An Economical & Fashionable Summer Investment

Electric Fireplaces are Perfect for Summer

The glowing ambiance of a fire is attractive anytime, even during the hottest months of the year. It is a pleasure to relax beside a crackling fire after a long summer day hiking or swimming. With an electric fireplace in summer, you don’t have to worry about overheating.

electric fireplace, sussex wiHere in the Midwest–where it can seem like we experience three seasons in the same week–a fireplace is practically essential. An electric fireplace is perfect for our ever-changing weather. Instead of switching on your heater every time the temperature drops, you can switch on your fireplace. On warm evenings when you crave the ambiance of a crackling fire but don’t want the heat, you can change the setting on your fireplace to burn without emitting heat.

What makes an electric fireplace unique?

  1. The flames can dance with or without emitting heat.

An electric fireplace doesn’t burn fuel like a gas or wood-burning fireplace. Instead, it creates the illusion of flames with lights and shadows dancing over imitation logs. In addition, the heat produced by an electric fireplace is controlled separately. This unique feature allows you to enjoy the ambiance of a fire with or without heat.

  1. It doesn’t require ventilation or professional installation.

Electric fireplaces are zero-clearance. This means that these fireplaces don’t need ventilation and can be placed anywhere in your home. In addition, you don’t have to have it professionally installed. All you have to do is set it up where you’d like it and plug it in.

  1. It is 100% efficient!

Electric fireplaces don’t produce any emissions or fumes. Unlike other fireplaces, all of the heat generated by an electric fireplace stays in your home. Since it doesn’t burn fuel or need ventilation, it’s able to be 100% efficient.

  1. It is incredibly affordable to run.

The cost of using an electric fireplace is highly affordable. When you run it without heat during the spring and summer, it costs less than 3 cents an hour. When you run it with heat during the fall and winter, it will cost just around 9 cents an hour.

Electric fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular across the country because of these four unique benefits. Unlike a wood-burning or gas fireplace, an electric fireplace is perfect for any season. You can use it to heat your home on a cold winter evening or relax beside it on a hot summer night.

attractive electric fireplace models, oconomowoc wiElectric fireplace technology has advanced dramatically. Today’s electric fireplaces have realistic flames and attractive designs that make them almost indistinguishable from a traditional fireplace. There are a wide variety of models you can choose from to complement your style and home décor. Now, there are free-standing fireplaces, cabinet-style fireplaces, and wall-hanging electric fireplaces. Want to see for yourself? If you’re located in southeast Wisconsin, stop by our showroom in Burlington! The hearth experts on our team at Burlington Fireplace & Heating can help you find the perfect electric fireplace for your family to enjoy year-round.

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