Which is best: Fireplace Doors Vs Fireplace Screens

Fireplace Doors Vs Fireplace Screens

A home’s fireplace can be a gathering place for the family. Additionally, it can be the main source of heating for the home as well. Have you ever thought about the components of your fireplace or how to make it work more efficiently? One of those items is your fireplace door. Today, we want to share some reasons why you would want to choose a glass fireplace door over a screen.

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Let’s begin with screens. For wood-burning fireplaces, a screen is essential. They prevent loose embers and errant sparks from entering your living space. If you have small children or curious pets, a fire screen is an added barrier between them and the flames, regardless if it is gas or wood-burning.

Various types of screens

Screens come in a wide variety of styles and price points. How would you choose a screen for your fireplace? First, determine what you are looking for most: safety or style. From there, think about a budget next before reviewing your options.

Single-panel screens are the industry standard as they are affordable and allow easy access to your firebox.

Curved (or bowed) screens add a design element to your fireplace while not compromising on safety. But, they are less easy to move when you need to tend to the fire.

Glass doors

Glass doors are a permanent addition to your fireplace system. They provide a physical barrier between your room and the inside of the fireplace. In the summer, glass doors will keep cool, indoor air from escaping up the chimney and out of your home. In the winter, they keep the hot air inside your space where you want it.

Stylistically, glass doors provide a way to bring together the look and feel of your living room.

Various types of glass doors

There are several types of glass doors to consider. Cabinet and bi-fold glass doors are the two most common options. With the former, they open as their name suggests with only one seam in the middle. This aids in energy efficiency and also allows full access to the firebox when open.

Bi-fold glass doors use four panes of glass, with two seams, and can be installed on a track or on their own. Custom doors are also an option, making the design possibilities almost endless and your Burlington Fireplace representative can help you come up with a creative yet functional option for your home.

Why glass is the better choice

The first and most important reason to use glass doors on your fireplace is for safety. First, glass doors will keep your children and pets away from drifting embers and flickering flames, allowing you to safely enjoy the warmth and coziness of your fireplace.

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Second, they improve the energy efficiency of the fireplace itself. Once your fire is done, the open firebox and chimney allow all that heat to escape. Closing your glass doors once the fire has gone out ensures that the heat remains in your space where you want it.

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