Make a Statement with a Beautiful Fireplace Design

Designing a Show-Stopping Fireplace

A fireplace is a natural focal point in a room. Take advantage of this show-stopping feature by designing a fireplace worthy of all the attention.

There are many ways to make a fireplace pop. Here are some of our top tips to help you design a fireplace that makes a statement and complements your décor.

Draw inspiration from neighboring rooms.

Does your kitchen have a sleek tile backsplash that could make your fireplace look modern and elegant? Or does your home have beautiful crown molding that could be complemented by a mantel and hearth with intricate fretwork? You can use the materials and styles in your home to draw inspiration and design a unique fireplace that ties your rooms together.

Two Sided FireplaceDon’t be afraid to go two-faced.

You don’t have to knock a wall down to make your home feel more open. A two-sided fireplace set into a wall between two rooms can make small rooms feel larger.

Go big.

If you really want to make a statement with your fireplace, consider having the cladding or stonework go all the way up to the ceiling. Or have built-ins installed around the fireplace to amplifies its centrality to the room. While these options can be pricier, your fireplace will be sure to steal the show anytime someone walks into the room.

Or minimalist.

A fireplace doesn’t need a mantel. If you prefer a minimalist design, you can forgo the mantel and let your fireplace speak for itself. You can also make an impression with a smaller fireplace which can create an atmosphere of intimacy.

Make the most of the mantel.

If you want a mantel, you don’t have to settle for a traditional wood mantel. There are a wide range of mantel materials that you can choose from ranging from smooth stones to stainless steel in many different shapes and styles. If you like the warmth of wood but don’t want a traditional style, you can choose a rustic mantel made of rough wood.

Mix and mix.

You don’t have to use the same materials or style for your entire fireplace. Try mixing and matching different styles, textures, colors and materials to design a unique fireplace that reflects your personality. Don’t overlook interesting regional materials like stone with bits of seashells in it.

brick fireplace Burlington FireplaceEmbrace texture.

Do you like smooth, sleek surfaces or interesting rough materials? Rustic woods, brick and stone are all great for adding interest and texture. These materials will make your home feel cozy and welcoming. In contrast, smooth cladding–like slate–or tiles will give your fireplace a clean contemporary design.

Create seating.

A raised hearth makes your fireplace look more inviting and prominent. It also adds convenience and comfortable. Your guests will thank you for having a place where they can relax and soak in the warm from hearthstones. Every time you add extra wood to the fire, you’ll be grateful for the seat too.

Take it outside.

Your home isn’t the only place you can have a fireplace. An outdoor fireplace can make your backyard feel like a vacation spot and become the talk of your next block party.

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