What Should I Do If The Weather Damaged My Chimney?

Did Winter Weather Damage Your Chimney?

Winter weather often causes damage to chimneys across the U.S., and the Badger State is certainly no exception. Wisconsin winters are particularly harsh, with average daytime temperatures rarely climbing above freezing for months, and snowfall always exceeds the national average. Throughout winter, as you dealt with such things as icy roads and shoveling snow, how did the season affect your chimney? The best time to find out is in spring, and Burlington Fire & Heating is the place to call for the best chimney sweeps in and around Burlington.

What Kind of Damage Occurs to Chimneys in Winter?

chimney damage & Chimney Repair in Kenosha, WISpalling Chimney

Leaky Flashing

The metal band connecting your chimney to the roof structure is the flashing, and it is prone to wear out. When something goes wrong with the flashing, the roof and/or chimney can be seriously damaged. Entire roof structures have had to be rebuilt as a result of an undetected flashing leak. The installation of flashing can be where the trouble starts because of the difficulty of installing flashing correctly.

Schedule a Chimney Inspection

Chimney Flue Inspection in Lake Geneva, WIThe above-named are among the common types of chimney damage that can occur in winter. The earlier it is detected, the better. Obviously, it costs less to repair minor damage as compared to extensive damage. As a business owned by lifelong Wisconsin residents, Burlington Fireplace & Heating has earned the trust of the community by dealing fairly and honestly with our customers. We will let you know what we find during a chimney inspection, whether good or bad news. If something has gone wrong, you have more time to make any needed repairs before fall when you schedule your chimney inspection in spring. We also sell and professionally install top-quality heating appliances. We would be happy to help you choose the right fireplace or stove for your home. Modern appliances are highly efficient and using them can significantly cut heating costs. Contact us at Burlington Fireplace & Heating to find out the condition of your chimney. Call 262-763-3522 today.

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