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Cool Decorating Ideas for Creating a Warm Fireplace Experience

feng shui fireplace decorating ideas in lake geneva twin lakes wi

There are several ways that you can decorate a room to create a warm and inviting fireplace experience. Think about how colors, furniture and accessories can complement one another to create a cohesive living space with the fireplace as the focal point.  So give your living space a lift with these cool decorating ideas for creating a warm fireplace experience.

Feng Shui

Arranging a Feng Shui living room around a fireplace allows the positive energy to flow through the room to create a tranquil and harmonizing space. Whether you want to curl up with a good book or have an enjoyable conversation with family and friends, Feng Shui will yield a positive influence. Since Feng Shui is all about creating an open space arrange your furniture like sofas, loveseats and chairs so they are facing doors and openings in the space without cluttering the room. This is easily accomplished by arranging the sofa and loveseat in an “L” shape with wing chairs on either side to create a conversation pit. Drop a beautiful rug underneath a simple coffee table and top with a decorative centerpiece. This allows the conversation to flow with the positive energy while the radiant heat from the fireplace warms the room.


The great thing about creating a room with a seasonal color pallet is that they are perfectly balanced and suited for any taste. And you can change the season any time you want.  For example, you can incorporate the colors of the sun, surf and sand in your furniture and accessories to create a bright and cheery room that will project a lively mood all year long. Handsome wicker furniture with light colored fabrics with complimentary lamps, accessories and artwork will make the room warm and inviting on a cool night against the backdrop of a beautifully glowing fireplace. Another option is to design your space with the color shades of spring for a charming retreat right in your living room.

Functional Elegance

A functional, yet sheikh interior theme features modern minimalistic elements surrounded by natural woods and rich earth tones like grey, pewter, brown and white, for instance, that emulate throughout the room in the furniture, flooring and fireplace. Incorporate natural wood furniture that is neatly arranged around a fireplace with clean lines for a simple and elegant space. When decorating with functional elegance in mind, less is more. This is an environmentally friendly and sustainable theme that makes any gas or wood-burning fireplace the center of attention.

pewaukee wi living room decorating furniture around fireplaceEntertainment

In many homes there is often one large room where family and guests spend most of their time. But these rooms often get cluttered and the fireplace is lost in the crowd. So to bring everyone into the action, arrange your furniture around the fireplace with the sofa and loveseat opposite each other with a coffee table in the middle. Then arrange recliners on either side facing the fireplace. Finally, install your widescreen TV on the wall above the fireplace.

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