Converting Your Wood Fireplace into a Gas Burning Unit

How Do I Convert my Wood Burning Fireplace to a Gas Fireplace?

Gas FireplaceHomes everywhere have fireplaces. That includes in warm locales such as Florida and California, where people race to light a fire when the temperature outside plummets to under 55 degrees. But in cold-weather regions – like for hundreds of miles around Burlington, Wis. – homeowners need their fireplaces. But they also need to get the most bang for their bucks.

This is the reason we’re seeing a trend in which homeowners are converting their wood-burning fireplaces to gas. It’s not as complicated as you may think.

The process of converting from wood to gas

As with any serious home-improvement project, you’ll want to work with an expert who understands both types of fireplaces. To start with, there are several factors you must address when converting your wood-burning fireplace to gas:

  1. Before making any decisions, arrange for a thorough chimney inspection if you’re considering a vented gas fireplace (versus non-vented). This is a critical first step, and it will reveal any existing problems before a full-scale project begins.
  2. Determine if and how gas can get to your new fireplace. If you already have natural gas service, it will be no problem for a technician to get your fireplace hooked up and ready to run. If you don’t have natural gas and it’s not available in your area, liquid propane from an outside tank will do a fine job – and propane burns hotter than natural gas, so that’s beneficial.
  3. Do you want logs that are vented or unvented? An unvented system is ultra-convenient and clean and will produce more heat than a system that is vented. However, a vented gas fireplace burns a fire that has more of the traditional look of burning logs, which for many people is a reason to go with the vented style. It’s up to you to decide between getting the most heat and having the most aesthetic appeal. (Most gas fireplace provide some appropriate combination of both.)

As previously stated, one of the most important aspects of converting your wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace is hiring a professional with solid experience in making this transition. Though we’ve talked here about a few key points in a conversion, there are many more factors that only someone with skill in this area would know.

gas logs in a wood fireplaceBurlington Fireplace of Wisconsin is fully equipped to help you say goodbye to wood and hello to the smooth, economic convenience of a gas fireplace. Our showroom has a variety of units from top-name manufacturers along with helpful associates who can guide you in the right direction. We’ll even perform the necessary chimney inspection to make sure whatever kind of fireplace you choose will operate safely and properly for years to come.

If converting from wood to gas is something you’ve been mulling over, we’re here to help. Stop by and see us at 857 Milwaukee Ave. in Burlington, or give us a call at (262) 763-3522.

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