What About Necessary Repairs During Winter Months?

Can Chimneys Get Repaired in the Winter?

Winter isn’t an ideal season for chimney repairs, but some repairs shouldn’t wait until spring.

chimney repairs, burlington IAEvery chimney expert will tell you that spring and summer are the best times for chimney repairs. Long, warm days are preferable for working outside on the roof. Winter’s short, chilly days aren’t ideal for chimney repairs, but waiting might be a worse option. Severe chimney damage should be tackled quickly to prevent it from getting worse.

Why schedule chimney repairs in winter?

For a long time, the common wisdom was the chimney repairs should wait until spring. Some chimney services still don’t offer repairs during the winter. With our technological advances today, waiting until spring isn’t always necessary. In many cases, waiting isn’t a smart choice.

Winter here in the tri-state area is wet. We suffer from freezing rain, sleet, and snow. All this moisture can exacerbate chimney damage. At the end of the winter, the problem may be much more expensive to fix, so it’s best to schedule repairs now for severe damages.

There are many ways that moisture can get into the chimney. It can seep in through damaged chimney flashing, a crack in a chimney crown, or broken bricks and mortar. Water absorbed by the masonry can cause it to deteriorate more. Moisture inside bricks and mortar expands and retracts as the temperatures drop and fall. This weakens masonry causing it to crack and break. The cost of replacing broken masonry can add up quickly. It’s smart to repair the problem now and keep the costs lower,

Water damage to ceilings and flooring around the chimney will only get worse during this wet season as well if your chimney leak isn’t resolved.

Waiting until spring to repair your chimney has another negative. You may not be able to use your fireplace for the rest of the season safely. For example, it’s dangerous to use a fireplace if it has a cracked or broken chimney liner. Your chimney’s liner is the first line of defense to prevent a house fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Until you replace the liner, you should not use your fireplace.

How can chimney repairs be made in the winter?

fireplace repair in burlington IAIn the past, it wasn’t possible to properly repair a chimney when the temperature dropped below 40 degrees F. This was especially true for masonry repairs. Traditional masonry materials weren’t able to set correctly in frigid temperatures. Now, there are high-quality masonry materials that can cure at cooler temperatures. We can also use tarps and heaters to protect your chimney from the weather while we work.

If your chimney is seriously damaged, don’t wait until spring to have it fixed! Give Burlington Fireplace & Solar a call to set up an appointment with a certified chimney sweep on our team!

Autumn and winter are the busiest seasons for chimney technicians. Most people wait until the fall to schedule a cleaning and inspection. Many chimney sweeps and technicians are booked through December. If your chimney needs to be repaired, reach out to a trusted chimney technician as soon as possible to secure an appointment!

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