Chimney Caps - Protect Your Home - Enhance Visual Appeal

How Chimney Caps Protect Your Home and Enhance its Visual Appeal

burlington wi chimney cap installsA lot of components go into a fully functional fireplace and chimney system.  One component that’s often overlooked is the chimney cap, which sits atop the opening of the chimney and serves several purposes.  It’s never advised to operate a fireplace without a chimney cap in place, so if your chimney doesn’t have one, here’s some information you need to know.

5 reasons to install a chimney cap

Prevent buildup of debris.  Over time, a chimney can become seriously obstructed with leaves, twigs and other debris blowing in the air.  Creosote, which is created by wood smoke, tends to adhere to the inside of the chimney and can act as flypaper for debris.  A significant amount of junk in the chimney will cause drafting problems and can serve as fuel for a chimney fire.

1. Animal barrier.  Small animals such as squirrels and birds love to get inside chimneys and build nests.  These animal homes can become quite extensive, and before you know it, you’ve got drafting problems causing smoke and carbon monoxide to back up into the house.  Beyond that, the nesting material itself is excellent tinder for starting a chimney fire.  Chimney caps solve this problem.

2. Moisture block.  Rain water inside a chimney causes severe problems by damaging the chimney liner, the fireplace damper and the chimney’s mortar joints.  This can result in expensive repairs/replacements that a chimney cap would have prevented.  Additionally, excessive moisture within a chimney can initiate the growth of harmful mold.

3. Downdraft protection.  Downdrafts happen when circulating wind outside the home channels its way into an open chimney.  Without a chimney cap in place, this wind can send enormous gusts of smoke and red-hot embers into the house.  A chimney cap blocks the majority of wind that can get into the chimney.

4. Shooting sparks and embers.  Your roof and nearby trees and other combustibles are also considerations where sparks and embers are concerned.  A sturdy chimney cap blocks the majority of all fire byproducts from flying out of the chimney’s opening and coming into contact with objects that could catch fire.

5. A nice look for your home

burlington wi chimney caps Along with providing protection, chimney caps look great and enhance the visual appeal of any home.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are most often constructed of stainless steel (less expensive) or copper (more expensive).  A good quality chimney cap will perform optimally for many years, giving you and your family peace of mind while serving as a handsome finishing touch for your rooftop.

Burlington Fireplace of Wisconsin can show you a full line of chimney caps in styles and price ranges to fit your needs.  We’ll also install your chimney cap to ensure it’s done correctly.  When it’s time for a new chimney cap or any other fireplace/chimney accessory, visit the experts at 857 Milwaukee Ave. in Burlington, or give us a call at (262) 763-3522.

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