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Best New Fireplace Improvements & Innovations

Best Fireplace Improvements - Fireplace Inserts

Adding an insert into your open burning fireplace will immediately increase efficiency & appearance.

If you are like approximately 77% of home buyers today, you want a fireplace in your family room. Fireplaces have been around since the Middle Ages and have been used primarily as a heat source over the centuries. Unfortunately, traditional open-burning fireplaces, much like the type or ancestors used, are not very heat efficient and much of the heat produced is lost up and out of the chimney. Thankfully, with new modern innovations, fireplaces have become both beautiful AND efficient heat sources.

Here is a look at some of the modern improvements that homeowners can now enjoy with a contemporary fireplace design.

Fireplace Improvements

There are numerous options, including the following, if you would like to find ways to improve the efficiency or convenience of your fireplace:

  • Adding a fireplace insert is an excellent way to improve fireplace efficiency. An insert is a metal box that fits inside the firebox. A fireplace insert uses a heat exchange chamber which channels heated air into the room. The heat radiated by an insert can be as much as five times the amount produced by an open fire. For this reason, a stainless steel flue liner is usually required.
  • Built-in heat exchangers include channels in which air from the room circulates in the hot parts of the fireplace and the heated air is then forced back into the room either by natural air flow or with the use of a fan.
  • Gas Fireplaces - Installation Milwaukee WIModern gas fireplaces are very popular because of their incredible convenience. These appliances can be switched on with a remote control or thermostat and yet they give off both radiant heat and convected heat. Gas fireplaces make it practical to use zone heating as a strategy for significantly lowering your electric bill.
  • Pellet fireplaces and wood stoves are incredibly efficient and the most environmentally friendly type of heating appliance you can choose for your home.

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