Stay Safe When Having a Backyard Recreational Fire

Backyard Recreational Fires – Safety & Info

Outdoor Recreational FireA fire-burning campout experience in the backyard is a great way to enjoy being under the stars. Safe backyard recreational fires are possible when you have a firepit. Even with quality recreational fire appliances, however, a fun outdoor wood fire can quickly become a mild-to-dreadful disaster. To ensure safety, there are precautions to take, especially with children around. Check out the following information and firepit safety tips for backyard recreational fires.



Prepare the Firepit & Area

A backyard fire should only be built in an enclosed, contained area, such as a firepit or an outdoor fireplace. The following are general safety instructions, though some apply specifically to firepits:

  • The firepit should not be placed under a tree, roof, or building. Instead, place your firepit under open sky on a flat surface.
  • Remove any combustibles that may be on the ground around the firepit, such as pine needles, leaves, grass, and paper.
  • Sparks from a fire could burn upholstery. Move furniture a safe distance from the firepit.
  • If children will be near the fire, use a firepit screen, if you have one, to contain the sparks.
  • If it’s windy, notice which direction the wind is blowing and be sure it’s safe to have sparks possibly being carried off in that direction.
  • The heat from fires can cause flammable liquids to ignite. Be sure there are no flammable liquids near the firepit.
  • Before building a fire, take note of the size of the firepit lid. It’s important to be able to extinguish the flames using a lid that will shut out air getting to the flames. Don’t build a fire too large for the firepit lid to fit over it.
  • The only fuel for the fire should be seasoned wood or charcoal. Do not burn garbage or garden waste because they produce black smoke that can cause health issues for some people.
  • Be sure a first-aid kit is on hand; in case it’s needed to treat burn injuries.
  • Place a fire extinguisher nearby before starting the fire. A fire extinguisher or water hose should always be on hand, in case a fire needs to be put out quickly in an emergency.

When Fires are Burning

As much a pleasure as a backyard fire can be, fires should be taken seriously. Please note the following important procedures for safely enjoying a backyard recreational fire:

  • The fire must NEVER be left unattended. Unless there is supervision, it’s possible for a harmless-looking small fire to quickly become a large, dangerous fire.
  • NEVER leave children without supervision when there is a fire. Children often get too close, not realizing how dangerous fire can be.
  • ALWAYS keep a safe distance. It’s impossible to tell when sparks will shoot out from a firepit.
  • NEVER add flammable liquid to a fire that’s burning in a firepit—it would be extremely dangerous and could easily cause serious burn injuries.

Putting Out a Backyard Fire

The fire in a firepit should be supervised until the fire has completely died out. Once there are no more flames, place the lid over the firepit.

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