Routine Chimney Inspections Offer These Benefits You May Not Know Of

Benefits of Annual Chimney Inspections

An annual chimney inspection may be the last thing you want to think about. It’s not uncommon for chimneys to be forgotten about in the warm months only for homeowners to discover problems when they try to light a fire for the first blast of cold weather. By then, problems with the chimney have been progressing for months. Here are atleast 4 good reasons to consider a chimney inspection.

chimney inspectionReduces Creosote

Creosote is a sticky residue that occurs when firewood is burned. All chimneys have a certain amount of creosote. The problem is that creosote buildup is continuous and without at least yearly cleaning that buildup can cause reduced air flow and even chimney fires. Creosote buildup often happens literally under your nose. Out of sight and out of mind where creosote is concerned can lead to a hazard. Yearly cleaning will keep creosote buildup under control and ensure that it never gets to a dangerous level.

Catch Problems Early

The worst chimney problems are those that have been going on for years due to neglect.
A stray leak going on for years can end in crumbling structures or water pouring into the house after a rainstorm. Crisis can be averted with yearly inspections. Leaks, cracks in the chimney lining, etc. can be caught when they are small and manageable rather than waiting for expensive emergencies.

Reduces Chimney Debris

Blockages in the chimney can happen overnight but that usually isn’t the case. Years of trash, tree limbs and leaves being blown into the chimney can eventually lead to serious blockages. Animals find unused chimneys nice and cozy, and the debris can be quite inviting for them to nest and unfortunately die, leaving the homeowner with an unpleasant surprise the next time they decide to light up the fireplace. Having a yearly inspection will help get rid of chimney debris and keep your chimney clean and ready for the next cold spell.

remove allergens chimney inspection, Richmond ILRemoves Potential Allergens

People who suffer from allergies might notice that their symptoms worsen when a fire is lit. The fire and drafts of a chimney can cause allergens like pollen, dust, pet hair, along with unhealthy combusted materials, to circulate in the air. If you want fewer allergy flare-ups, a clean chimney can help.

You may be thinking that a DIY mindset can work in this case but unless you have years of experience cleaning chimneys, this is not advised. Professionals will be able to diagnose issues that an untrained eye may miss, this could cause more expensive repairs down the road or even lead to dangerous situations. If you are feeling a bit intimidated, that’s understandable but there is no need, scheduling a chimney inspection is now easier than ever, you can do so by phone or online. The professionals here at Burlington Fireplace will make sure they understand your concerns, do a thorough inspection or cleaning and make sure they leave your home just as they found it. Give us a call today to give your chimney the service it deserves.

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