The Top Advantages of Choosing a Premium Outdoor Grill

Advantages Of Choosing A Premium Grill

There are few things more American than a backyard barbeque. As soon as the weather warms up, we pull out our grills to cookout as much as possible. You can find bargain grills at nearly every grocery store and hardware store in Wisconsin. A cheap grill can get you through a season, but a premium grill could last you a lifetime! You get what you pay for when you invest in a premium grill. It will take your cookout to the next level!

Why are premium grills a smart investment?

Grilling supply store in Kenosha, WI#1. High-Quality Burners

The burner on a grill is the most critical component. It controls the temperature and consistency of the heat. Premium grills have powerful burners that offer steady heat to perfectly sear meat and veggies.

If you get a cheap grill, you can expect burners that are made of low-grade stainless steel or 430 stainless. Grease, residue, and moisture can quickly corrode them. They rust and blow out quickly.

You might have to replace your grill’s burner in a year. In contrast, premium grills have burners made of high-grade materials like 304-grade steel, cast iron, or ceramic. Burners made with 304 steel can last for years without needing to be replaced. Cast iron and ceramic burners won’t rust and rarely need any TLC.

Excellent craftsmanship and high-quality material aren’t all the sets them apart. Premium grills also offer you more control of the burners. Bargain grills usually have an “H” burner with just one control knob. Meaning anything on the grill is cooked at the same temperature. With a premium grill, you can have multiple controls for different burners allowing you to cook meat and vegetables at the same time at different temps.

#2. Special Features

A premium grill can be all you need to transform your patio into an outdoor kitchen. Premium grills offer a wide range of unique features that open up your culinary options. They also provide convenient, state-of-the-art controls and better lighting.

Indirect cooking, built-in rotisserie systems, and wood chip smokers are just a few of the cooking options available. Pit Boss Pellet Grills affordable premiums grills have eight different cooking options. Primo Ceramic Grills are masterfully designed so that you can also use it as a roaster, smoker, or oven. Louisiana Grills acts much like a smoker but far more options such as an adjustable flame broiler, one-touch PID controller and programmable meat probe.

State-of-the-art controls and lightening¬†make grilling better than ever with a premium grill. You won’t have to put up with wobbly knobs or an unreliable light that leaves you worrying that the gas is still on. Premium grills have high-quality controls that improve the safety, convenience, and command of your grill. Napoleon Grills lead the way in high-end gas and infrared grills in North America. Their grills have some of the most advanced grilling technology, including as programmable RGB lighted control knobs.

Outdoor grilling store in Lake Geneva, WI#3. Superior Craftsmanship & Protections

A premium, American-made grill can last you for decades. Premium grills are safer, longer-lasting, and easier to repair than discount grills. What makes all the difference in their superior craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and comprehensive warranties.


Exceptional grill manufacturers in the U.S. like Napoleon, Pit Boss, and Louisiana Grills prioritize the safety of customers.

It’s rare to see a recall from a luxury grill manufacturer because of its high safety standards. In contrast, recalls for discount grills aren’t uncommon. Especially those in the $100 range that are typically made overseas in factories that don’t priorities customers’ safety and enjoyment. Such as the 2017 recall of 26,500 Saber Grills due to faulty LP regulators that could cause gas leaks and burns. You shouldn’t have to worry that your grill will have a broken or defective component.


The high-quality materials used by premium grill manufacturers are made to last. When they do wear out, it is typically easy to find a replacement. Even if you have an old grill, the manufacturer often has extra parts or can stamp a new piece for you from the original mold. That typically isn’t possible for cheap grills. These grills are usually made in China by a third party. By the time you need a replacement, the brand may be using a different manufacturer in China or may not be able to order just one part for

Inclusive Warranty

You can tell how invested a manufacturer is in the quality of their product by the warranty they offer. A discount grill may claim to have a 10-year warranty, but when you read the fine print, it only covers one or two cheap parts. High-quality grills come with at least a 5-10-year warranty that includes all of the grill components or most of them. Some even offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty because they take pride in building grills that last a lifetime.

Investing in a premium grill now can save you money in the long run. You won’t have to worry about replacing it in a year or two. Instead, you can enjoy your premium grill for years! Stop by Burlington’s showroom, right outside Milwaukee, to browse a large selection of top-rated, American-made grills! Or give us a call to learn more about our selection and find the perfect grill for your home!

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