5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Chimney Sweep

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Chimney Sweep

Do-It-Yourselfers have rightfully earned their place of honor. It takes dedication, skill, and creativity to get things done but there are times when a professional will definitely save money and time in the long run, they may even save lives. If you are on the fence about whether to hire a professional, here are 5 benefits of having your chimney swept by a professional, let’s take a look.

Chimney Services Tichigan, WISafety

The dangers of a neglected chimney are legendary. From chimney fires to carbon monoxide poisoning, it is imperative to have a chimney cleaned and inspected at least once a year. This simple act can likely prevent fires and make homeowners aware of dangers they would never have realized otherwise. Professionals also have the necessary equipment to reach and clean chimneys safely. 


A dirty chimney can dramatically affect a home’s air quality. Creosote, the toxic byproduct of burning firewood, accumulates along the lining of the flue. In the summer, the odor and fumes from it can become noticeable. There is also the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. This odorless and colorless gas can build up in the chimney and sicken those in the home.


Creosote buildup can begin to make its way down the chimney, into the firebox and even spill out onto the floor surrounding the fireplace. Professionals have proper cleaning tools to make sure this doesn’t happen. Homeowners may not be able to reach the height of a chimney or miss nooks and crannies that are hiding dangerous secrets. A professional can do a thorough cleaning of your chimney and remove creosote buildup and be on the lookout for problems at the same time.

Chimney Efficiency

It is absolutely true that proper maintenance extends the life of anything, but it is especially true when it comes to your chimney. A clean chimney, where any cracks or leaks are immediately addressed, is going to perform much better than one that is neglected. A properly maintained chimney will vent and draft better, it will also have fires that burn longer and stronger.

Peace of mind 

Knowing your chimney has been cleaned and inspected makes your “load” a little bit lighter. It is one less thing that has the potential to keep you up at night. Otherwise, the never-ending issues that can happen to a chimney, once it gets into a state of decline, can make your life miserable. The best course of action is to maintain your chimney and at least have yearly chimney inspections.

Hire a Chimney Sweep Greendale, WIYou may still be wondering if you should take the plunge and DIY a chimney fix or if you should go ahead and call a professional. When it comes to cleaning a chimney, this is one of those times where the benefits of having a professional take on the task are far greater than the gratification of doing it yourself.

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