Ideas For Custom Fireplace Renovation - Refacing Fireplace In Burlington

5 Hot Ideas for Refacing your Fireplace

fireplace surround refacing and renovation in burlington wiA fireplace is often the focal point of a room and can have a dramatic effect on the interior design of your home. But sometimes a fireplace can make a space look dated, especially when your interior space doesn’t match its existing design. Refacing your fireplace is a lot less expensive than a traditional fireplace rebuild. If your handy around the house, it makes for a fun weekend DIY project or you can choose professional installation which takes about a day to complete. Whether your fireplace looks tired or you just want to change its appearance, here are some hot refacing ideas for giving your fireplace that much-needed makeover.

Refacing Your Fireplace with Stone

When it comes to the many different types of refacing materials, the stone fireplace is one of the most popular. Refacing your fireplace with natural rocks or stones gives the interior of your home a rustic and natural appearance.  And regardless of whether it’s cultured or natural stone, it will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Versatility is what makes a rock or stone refacing makeover picture-perfect for both indoor or outdoor fireplaces. And since no two rocks or stones are exactly alike, fitting them together like a puzzle to create your own unique masterpiece is half the fun.

Marble Fireplace Design

With its clean and unique appearance, refacing your fireplace with marble adds a touch of sophistication and class that never goes out of style. From custom hand carved to imported marble, there are an extraordinary variety of appealing colors and designs. With all the beauty and charm that it adds to your space, a marble fireplace does require some care to maintain its distinctive appearance. You can apply a penetrating sealer every year to prevent dirt from diminishing your exquisite marble fireplace.

Granite Fireplace Design

Granite is still one of the most popular materials used in interior home decorating and remodeling projects. This ingenious rock consisting mainly of quartz, mica and feldspar has been around for millions of years. Its durability and natural resistance to heat is one of the main reasons it is a popular building material.  And refacing your fireplace with granite will transform the ambiance of any living space. The different material colors like white, pink, grey and brown, for example, allow you to tailor your fireplace to blend with your home décor. So, if you want to create a masterpiece in your living room, bedroom or any other room in your home, you can’t go wrong refacing your fireplace with granite. 

Slate Fireplace

Like granite, Slate is also a durable material refacing your fireplace surround. With its amazing colors and clean lines, it makes an excellent choice for a sleek fireplace makeover. It offers a minimalistic appearance that is subtle, yet sophisticated. Slate is low-maintenance and you can even install slate tiles over an existing fireplace surround.

fireplace refacing in lake geneva wiPainted Brick

If you’re on a tight budget, painted brick is a dramatic and inexpensive way to reface a traditional brick fireplace. There is practically an unlimited palette of colors available and you can choose the paint color that matches your home interior. Just be sure to select an interior paint that is resistant to high heat.

With a little thought, effort and creativity, your fireplace can be an attractive centerpiece that will bring years of enjoyment and warmth to your space.

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