Renewable Energy & Pellet Fireplaces - Benefits Of A Pellet Fireplaces

Renewable Energy and Ultimate Convenience – That’s Today’s Pellet Fireplace Inserts

expert pellet fireplace install in burlingtonFor those who prefer not to use gas to run a fireplace and really don’t want to deal with the mess and hassle of buying, storing and loading wood logs, there’s an attractive option: a new pellet-burning fireplace insert.

What is an insert?

Fireplace inserts are pre-built, well-made units that fit into an existing firebox.  They’re commonly installed when a homeowner is tired of the low efficiency he or she is getting from a current masonry fireplace.  The unique construction of inserts makes them extremely efficient in retaining and producing heat, bringing an instant, positive difference to any room in which they’re installed.

Inserts are designed to use various fuel types such as gas, wood logs and pellets.  Venting considerations are basically the same as when those fuels are used in traditional fireplaces.  When placed in an existing fireplace, inserts are connected to the existing chimney, with some modifications possibly required.

The benefits of pellet inserts

Strong glass doors coupled with the heavy insulation of a pellet fireplace insert creates hotter, more consistent burns and combustion than you’ll get in any type of “open” fireplace.  The heat can be so intense, in fact, that sometimes a new chimney flue will be required to safely absorb the increased temperatures.  What this means to you is: more heat in the home.  Here are some other benefits of pellet inserts.

  • No more hassling with acquiring and storing wood logs or cleaning up the mess.
  • Pellets are made of sawdust and other wood byproducts that often end up in landfills, making them a sustainable energy source.
  • Very little smoke is produced by the compact pellets; complete combustion results in much less ash to clean up than with wood logs.
  • The 40-pound pellet bags are easy to haul, store and keep dry.
  • Pellet fireplace inserts run on a hopper system, which automatically loads an appropriate amount of pellets into the firebox.
  • Pellets in fireplace inserts can burn for as long as 36 hours.

Another great benefit of pellet inserts that comes as a surprise to many people is that today’s models are every bit as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as any other type of fireplace.  When shopping, you’ll be amazed at the variety of sizes, finishes, colors and styles available, which make it easy to compliment any existing home décor.

Milwaukee, WI pellet fireplace insertTruly, pellet-burning fireplace inserts provide the best of both worlds: you get a level of convenience comparable to a gas unit while being able to enjoy the dancing flames of a real wood fire as you gather round on cold winter evenings.  Add to that a renewable fuel source that’s always available, and you can see why more and more homeowners are going with pellet power when it’s time for a new fireplace insert.

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