Is It Ok to Use Your Fireplace in the Summer?

Should I Be Using My Fireplace in the Summer?

If you live in the south or where the weather is typically hot and humid, the temperature during summer may become hotter than 100 degrees. The answer to this question for you will probably be “no!” You will spend most of your time trying to stay cool. However, New England states like Massachusetts and Maine continue to get cooler weather in the evenings well into May. For Homeowners in these states, the option to use a fireplace is still on the table but there are some things to look out for.

Chimney Cleaning Pleasant Prairie, WIBuildup of Creosote

if you have had a busy winter season that involved using the fireplace often, the chance of creosote buildup is high. Creosote is the tarlike byproduct of burning firewood. Left unchecked this buildup can cause many issues, including house and chimney fires. Professional chimney cleaning or a chimney inspection can help identify this buildup and remove it so that your fireplace can function more efficiently.

Foul Odors

The evening may be cool, but the days warm up. The humidity of warm weather mixed with the burning of firewood and creosote can leave your chimney smelling like a campfire or worse. This smell can permeate the whole house and be hard to get rid of. Thankfully there is an antidote for a smelly chimney. A professional chimney cleaning will remove creosote buildup, and debris such as tree limbs, leaves, and animals or animal droppings.

A fireplace that drafts poorly

Draft refers to your fireplace’s ability to draw smoke up and into the chimney and away from your home. When the fireplace is drafting properly this enables fire to burn longer and stronger. If the fireplace is not drafting properly, it will be harder to start a fire and instead of going up and out of the chimney flue, smoke will “back puff” or return to the firebox and home. If your fireplace is not drafting correctly this could be a problem with your damper (the small lever inside of your chimney that lets the smoke out) or this could point once again to creosote buildup. Differing temperatures between the inside of a chimney flue and the outside world can also cause drafting issues

Fireplace and Chimney Inspection Richmond, ILThe best way to make sure your chimney is always ready to work for you is to have an annual chimney inspection. During the inspection, professional chimney sweeps will make sure that all the major parts of your chimney are in working order. They can also alert you to problems or potential issues that can avert danger.
Lighting fires when there is a chimney obstruction or severe creosote buildup can be a hazard to your home. Rather than waiting for the first cold spell, avoid the busy season and get your chimney cleaned and inspected during the summer months. At Burlington Fireplace your chimney is our priority. Professional chimney sweeps are always available to answer your questions and you can contact us online or call us at 262-763-3522 to schedule your chimney cleaning or inspection today

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