How Summer Storms Can Damage Your Chimney

How Summer Storms Can Damage Your Chimney

Many Wisconsin residents know all too well just how quickly intense downpours can cause damage to their homes. Whether it’s a flooded basement or a leaky roof, it can sometimes feel like there’s no end in sight to your ongoing home maintenance. This same situation is true with your fireplace system as there are several ways that summer storms can damage your chimney.

Chimney Flashing Repairs in Delavan WIIntense storms can damage flashing

The first is with your flashing. Summer storms can damage this vital component of your chimney.

Flashing is a layer of protection. Often made of metal, if it’s not installed properly, it creates leaks as well as starts to rust. When faced with a heavy or intense storm, this can quickly turn into a soggy mess in your home.

Chimney Crown Damage 

Your chimney’s crown is one of the primary ways to protect the structure from water. However, if your crown is already beginning to show its age or deteriorate, it can’t function as intended. This is magnified by intense summer storms, which can speed up the weathering process. Eventually, this will lead to damage to other parts of your chimney.

Summer storms can also mess with your cap

Your cap helps to keep animals, leaves, and other debris out of your flue. Otherwise, these can all lead to a significant (and dangerous) blockage. Because your cap is made of metal, heavy storms can sometimes damage it. Your cap may even blow off, which leaves your flue fully open to the elements.

Water can cause cracks that lead to larger headaches

A common repair issue for our Burlington Fireplace technicians is with masonry. Small cracks will, more often than not, lead to larger and more complex damage. During a heavy storm, these cracks can let water seep in.

A leaking crack on the outside of your chimney may lead to a leak inside of it. This, in turn, can damage your flue tiles or damper which will cause bigger problems down the road.

A few signs to look for

Many of these types of damage are easy to overlook, especially since some of them may be within the chimney and not easily visible. However, there are a handful of signs that can let you know you may have a problem. They include:

  • Various stains on your masonry or your roof
  • Odd smells from your fireplace
  • A leak in one of the ceilings in your home

Rusty Chase Cover Replacement in Wind Lake WIThere are also visible signs, such as crumbling brick, a missing or damaged cap or chase cover, obvious damage to your crown, and of course a leaning chimney structure.

We can help repair damage or provide preventive maintenance

If you’ve experienced any kind of damage to your chimney from summer storms, or you’re due for an annual sweep and inspection, let us know. Our team can repair any problem you may have while also taking proactive measures to keep summer storms at bay.

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