Save Money on Heat With A New Wood Stove or Fireplace Insert

Rising Gas Prices: Save Money on A Wood Stove or Fireplace Insert

Inflation has us all taking a second look at expenses and cutting costs wherever we can. Heating and cooling bills can be sky high but it’s not just higher fuel prices, it could be your fireplace. You may think that this is just something you have to live with but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Switching to a wood stove or pellet insert will be an upgrade that can improve your heating costs. These stoves  heat with much more efficiency and are often simple to operate and.

Wood Burning Stove, Janesville WIThe Inefficiency of Open Hearth Wood Fireplaces

An Open hearth wood fireplace is a traditional firebox for burning wood without glass doors. It is a known fact that fireplaces increase home value. The ambiance and warmth make a house feel like home, but a little-known fact is that these beautiful additions are often inefficient at actually heating a room. The heat that is produced literally goes out the chimney and only those
very close to the firebox get to enjoy it. When you’re not using it the cooled air from the air conditioning is going out the chimney so either way, you’re losing money.

A stove or stove insert can fix this problem

There are two types of stoves that are more efficient than open hearth wood fireplaces.

  • Wood stoves are free-standing and come can be large or small. They also come in many colors and styles. With wood stoves more than 80% of the heat stays in the home, so your stove can be a primary or secondary source of heat which can reduce heating costs. It can also ease your mind to know that wood stoves are environmentally friendly. Wood stove emissions are highly regulated so less pollutants are released into the air.
  • Pellet stove inserts are stoves that burn recycled wood pellets made from sawdust, and other wood scraps, rather than seasoned firewood. Pellet stoves can even be programmed to emit the exact amount of heat you desire. Many people enjoy the ease associated with pellet stoves. They offer all the familiar smells and sense of a regular fireplace without having to stoke or continuously feed a fire.

Pellet Insert, Pleasant Prairie WIBring On the Savings

Using a wood stove or pellet insert can bring on monthly savings. We know that electricity, oil and gas prices are rising but wood and pellet prices have stayed low. You’ll be able to keep your thermostat low and still experience the warmth your family needs. If you have questions about your many options, whether to get a fireplace insert or free-standing pellet stove and how your family
can experience these savings, call Burlington Fireplace at 262-763-3522 or contact us online. We can give you free estimates or walk you through our beautiful showroom where you can see these choices in person. Even if you decide a stove is not for you, we can help you get the most out of your fireplace.

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