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Ways to Refresh Your Fireplace Mantel This Spring

Warm weather is on the horizon. The approach of spring means that the burning season for your fireplace is coming to an end for the year. Your fireplace can continue to be the heart of your home even when there is not a fire crackling in the hearth. Creating a beautiful mantel display is a wonderful way to take advantage of this natural focal point in your living space.

If you are looking for inspiration, here are 5 ideas for creating an attractive spring display for your mantel.

Fireplace mantel & fireplace services in Janesville WI1. Bring the bounty of spring indoors.

After the barren months of winter, colorful flowers and greenery are rejuvenating outside and inside. A large arrangement of flowers, whether real or fake, can be an elegant centerpiece for your mantel. If you do not want plants to be the focal point of your mantel, you can incorporate small pots of ivy or another greenery beside a piece of artwork or a display of collectibles.

2. Install a mirror over the mantel.

Adding a mirror to a room often makes it feel larger and brighter. Installing a mirror over the mantel will amplify the visual impact of your fireplace. You can complement modern décor with a frameless mirror that runs the entire length of the mantel. Or, for a more traditional style, you can hang a mirror with a beautiful, ornate frame.

3. Display photographs or artwork.

If you want a piece of art or memorable photographs to draw every eye in the room, there is no better place to display them than on the mantel. Keep in mind that flammable displays like this should only be setup in the spring and summer when you aren’t using your fireplace. Photographs and art can be damaged by heat and smoke from the fire if they are left on the mantel when you use your fireplace during the fall and winter.

4. Incorporate soft lighting.

The ambiance created by glowing flames dancing in a hearth is what makes sitting by a wood burning fireplace relaxing and romantic. You can simulate that ambiance during the spring and summer by adding candles, lanterns or twinkle lights to your mantel.

Fireplace decor ideas in Sussex WI

5. Showcase collectibles.

Glass figurines, decorative plates, ceramic busts and other collectibles can find their home on your mantel. You can let your collection stand on its own or display it next to a floral arrangement or greenery.

You can mix and match these five elements to create an attractive mantel display that reflects your style and complements your home’s décor. If you need more inspiration, check out Burlington Fireplace’s Pinterest for incredible fireplace designs & attractive mantel displays.


Do you want to update your mantel this spring along with the display? Stop by our showroom to see a selection of attractive mantels or speak to one of our knowledgeable team members! We have a wide variety of fireplace mantels in many different styles and materials. We would love to help you find the perfect mantel for your fireplace.

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