Recent Advancements in Fireplaces - Styles & Technology

Recent Advancements in Fireplaces

gas burning fireplaceBuying a fireplace is similar to most other purchases – it involves a lot of research when you need to make your decision, and then you forget it all after it’s been installed for a year. Since fireplaces aren’t replaced every 3-5 years like most technology, it can be even easier to fall out of touch with what’s new and exciting. Thankfully for everyone, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best and coolest advancements in the fireplace world.

1. Wood-burning goes technical

Want to blow someone’s mind? Explain to them that the new wood-burning fireplace you purchased is actually carbon-neutral. That means your new fireplace doesn’t pollute the environment any more than naturally rotting wood does sitting on the forest floor. With the advancement of new technology such as secondary combustion and the EPA’s emission crackdowns, new fireplaces, stoves, and inserts are an incredible way to turn a plentiful, renewable resource (wood) into clean, green heat. Detailed air controls, ceramic glass doors, and overnight burn times (waking up with hot coals!) are a few more of the benefits of modern wood-burning units.

2. Gas gets Real

We’ve all seen (or even own) the old-style, cheesy gas fireplaces in waiting rooms or beach-front condos. Covered with brass trim and featuring BIC-lighter blue flames, it’s better than nothing, but is it really? Newer gas models being released today have higher and higher standards for the burner flame appearance and log sets, often times offering options to match colors and décor. FPX’s 864 series released some of the best-looking logs we’ve ever seen, and with the lights dimmed down, it’s honestly hard to tell if it’s gas or wood burning. As one manufacturer starts, the others will follow – most fireplace companies are now updating their fire appearance to be the most attractive and realistic they can make.

3. Cleaner & Neater

Another fantastic advancement across the board – including electric, gas, and wood-burning fireplaces – is the cleaner and more attractive fronts. What used to include large air grills, doors, or black metal, is quickly being replaced by a more compact package and slim, clean lines. This not only creates a more realistic appearance, but also allows for more stone, tile, or brick to be featured.

liner gas burning fireplace in Burlington, WI 4. More Style

The last 5 years or so has seen an incredible addition of various sizes, shapes, and styles of fireplaces. Long gone are the days of only a couple options, instead you can match the style of your décor or home to many different fireplace models. The interiors and exteriors of most fireplaces can be customized to create the perfect touch and add a bit of your personality. Linear gas fireplaces have probably advanced the most in this time – brands such as Napoleon, FPX, Kozy Heat, and more have created beautiful, realistic looks while also taking heat distribution and TV heights into account. With people looking to add fireplace features into existing homes and tighter spaces, these newer models have made it easy.

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