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Installing a New Fireplace Insert for the Winter Burn Season

professional installing a gas fireplace insertThere is nothing cozier than sitting by the fireplace on a cold winter night with the sounds of a crackling fire filling the room. But traditional masonry fireplaces are rather inefficient pushing as much as 85% of the generated heat out the chimney, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Here’s why you should consider installing an EPA-certified fireplace insert in time for the winter burn season:

Improves Energy Efficiency

Fireplace inserts work like a wood stove burning fuel gradually and at higher temperatures. They use a fan or blower motor to push air into the room with a heating efficiency that ranges from 65% to 90%, depending on the type of fuel – wood, pellet or gas. This is a more efficient and cost-effective method for heating your living space. And for homeowners that don’t want wood or gas, electric fireplace inserts are also available. Built in thermostats enable homeowners to maintain the desired level of comfort.

Fireplace Inserts are Eco-Friendly

Homeowners that want an eco-friendly fireplace should consider installing a fireplace insert. Because of its increased efficiency, fireplace inserts burn cleaner too. Thus, producing a fraction of the creosote, soot and pollutants of a traditional fireplace. And vent-free fireplace inserts allow fireplaces to be installed in non-traditional spaces, including in homes that don’t have a chimney.

Easy and More Affordable Fireplace Makeover

Rebuilding a traditional masonry fireplace can be both time consuming and expensive. But with a fireplace insert, upgrading your fireplace is as easy and affordable as selecting the style, fuel source and size to fit inside your existing fireplace. You can install a wood, pellet, gas or electric fireplace insert inside most wood-burning masonry fireplaces. Because size is important, fireplace inserts should only be installed by a qualified fireplace specialist.

Appealing Styles

A fireplace insert can turn any old, dingy fireplace into an eye-catching focal point. Choose from a variety of appealing styles to match any taste or home décor. Whether you want the contemporary style of a traditional fireplace, a modern fireplace with a trendy design, or anything in between, you will find an appealing style for every room in the home.

lake geneva wi fireplace insert install before winter burning seasonReduced Maintenance Costs

Since fireplace inserts produce less creosote, soot and pollutants, there is less accumulation in the chimney.  This means your chimney will be easier to clean, and less costly to maintain. However, it is recommended you still have an annual chimney inspection to maintain the efficiency and safety of your fireplace insert and chimney.

Considering installing a new fireplace insert for the winter burn season? The certified fireplace professionals at Burlington Fireplace and Solar are available to help you select an energy efficient fireplace insert for your home today!

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