How You Can Get The Most Out Of Your Wood Burning Fireplace

Getting The Most Out Of Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

Have you ever wondered if you are getting the most from your wood-burning fireplace? You are not alone. We love to build a rip-roaring fire in our fireplaces. Is that the most efficient way to get warmth from your fireplace? Learning these few tips will help you not only save money with your heating bill but also warm your home to a toasty level that you will love.wood burning fireplace in Janesville WI

Choosing the right wood.

If you go out and pick any wood from the ground or in the woods, you may not be getting the best burning wood. If you are looking in your yard or the woods near your home, be sure the wood has been on the ground for a while. Only choose dry, dead wood. If you are buying it be sure it has been dried for quite a while. For those DIYers, if you cut down a tree, you will have to stack it. The wood needs to dry for 6 months to up to a year before it is ready to be burned.

Learn how to start a fire.

Not only is the wood you choose important, but how you build your fire is as important. Start with a clean firebox. Remove the ash from the previous fire. Start small with twigs and build with larger pieces of wood. Use a fire starter such as newspaper or a paper bag until the small wood catches. Crisscross the wood as you start adding larger pieces to the fire.

It’s all in the circulation.

Once you have a steady fire continue to feed it larger pieces of wood. The established fire will then feed off of the larger wood and you won’t have to add as often. To get the most out of your fire, use fans to circulate the warmth. We all have heard “heat rises. A ceiling fan will do wonders to send the warm air from the fire around the house. The ceiling fan will bring it down into the room as well as send it to other areas of your home.

Regular maintenance.

The EPA advises to have your chimney swept yearly. It is important to have an inspection for your wood-burning appliance and chimney as well. “A clean chimney provides good draft and reduces the risk of chimney fires.” Call Burlington Fireplace and schedule your annual chimney sweep. You will find that the fire will burn more effectively with a clean chimney.fireplace inspection in Pewaukee WI

Have a certified chimney sweep inspect your wood-burning appliance and chimney.

Call Burlington Fireplace today at 262-763-3522 to schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning. Or contact us online for a free estimate. Our team of experienced chimney experts will be available to you on your schedule. We have experience in all things chimney.

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