Inspiring Fireplace Upgrade Trends for 2023

Fireplace Trends To Inspire You

With a warm and cozy fireplace as the centerpiece of your indoor or outdoor living space, you can create the ultimate ambiance that complements your home and lifestyle. Now with dozens of designs and styles, you can think outside the box of a traditional masonry wood or gas fireplace. Of course, conventional masonry hearths will always be in vogue.

However, there are now spectacular frameless, see-through, and double-sided fireplaces that will wow guests and spark a conversation with a true-to-life fire-burning experience in wood, gas, pellet, and electric models. So, let’s explore some of the latest fireplace trends that will inspire you.

Electric Fireplace Installation in Milwaukee WIElectric Fireplace

That’s electric!?! That’s the reaction we often get from customers when they visit our Burlington, WI, showroom and see the impressive new electric fireplaces for the first time. One of the advantages of an electric fireplace is its flame-only feature, giving you a stunning light show when you don’t need heat. They are also energy-efficient and are available in eye-catching designs. So, it’s no wonder electric fireplaces rank as one of the top inspiring trends.


Whether you have a minimalistic or ultra-modern luxury residence, these double-sided fireplaces with see-through glass are among the most inspiring trends. Also known as zero clearance fireplaces, they can be built into a wall to warm two rooms, like the kitchen and family room, simultaneously with a spectacular flame experience.

Frameless Fireplace

If you’re looking for a modern fireplace with an awe-inspiring wow factor, your creativity will know no bounds with a frameless fireplace design. The uber of fireplaces they can be built into practically any wall in your house in both single-sided and double-sided configurations.

Open Pit-Style

This trendy fireplace design is perfect for those who have imagined an indoor fire pit. Modern styling, clean lines, and subdued lighting create a warm and inviting atmosphere with a romantic vibe. Oh, yes, it’s perfect for toasting marshmallows and making s’mores with your family and guests over an open fire.


For traditionalists, nothing is more authentic than the natural aroma of a wood-burning fireplace. Our line of manufactured woodburning fireplaces from America’s leading brands provides that rustic or contemporary lodge ambiance you want with a fraction of the emissions of a traditional masonry hearth.


Fueled by greater energy efficiency, gas fireplaces are among the most popular in the southern WI and northern IL region. Available in traditional masonry and inspiring modern styles, they provide a realistic flame experience that replicates woodburning logs minus the creosote.

New Gas Burning Fireplace Insert Upgrades in Oconomowoc WIIn addition to less maintenance, instant heat is as simple as flipping a switch on pressing a button on a remote.

Inspiring Custom & Manufactured Fireplaces for Sale and Installation

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