Could A Fireplace Insert Save You Money In The Long Run?

How A Fireplace Insert Can Save You Money 

With the arrival of fall comes colder nights and more use of your heater. Your masonry fireplace may seem like the answer to higher heating bills, but in reality, it’s not. There is a lot of wasted heat in a traditional fireplace, but don’t fret; there is an answer- fireplace inserts. Let’s take a look at how a fireplace insert can save you money this fall and winter.fireplace inserts in Janesville WI

What is a Fireplace Insert?

A fireplace insert is essentially an appliance that can be inserted into the hearth of your masonry fireplace to improve its functionality, heat output, and aesthetics. There are also a variety of fireplace inserts, and not all are wood burning; there are also gas and electric. There are even pellet-burning stove inserts for fireplaces. So, now you know what a fireplace insert is and what types there are, let’s see how an insert can save you money.

A Fireplace Insert Has Increased Efficiency

Traditional fireplaces often lose an enormous amount of heat through their chimneys. Fireplace inserts are designed to be much more efficient, with heat loss typically below twenty percent. Fireplace inserts work by sealing off your open fireplace and have a system that generates and circulates heat into your house, meaning more warmth for your home and less money spent on additional heating methods.

Fireplace Inserts Reduce Heating Costs

As mentioned above, the enhanced efficiency of a fireplace insert means homeowners will find that they can reduce their dependence on central heating. A fireplace insert effectively heats the main living areas, meaning less need to keep the furnace running full blast, leading to noticeable savings on heating bills.

Fireplace Inserts Mean Fewer Chimney Repairs

Traditional fireplaces can take a toll on your chimney. How? Over time, a sticky and flammable substance called creosote can build up, increasing the risk of chimney fires. Another issue is that wear and tear can lead to expensive repairs. With a fireplace insert, a lining will protect your chimney from these issues and reduce the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.

Fireplace Inserts Give You More Flexibility in Fuel Choices

Fireplace inserts are available for various fuel types, including wood, gas, pellet, and electric. Each type offers its own set of advantages in terms of cost and efficiency.

fireplace insert installation in Antioch ILFor instance, pellet stoves burn compressed pellets made from sawdust and are known for their high efficiency and low emissions. On the other hand, gas inserts offer the convenience of instant flames.

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