Children & Fireplaces: Tips For Keeping Children Safe Around Fires

Chimney Safety for Homes with Children

Gathering around the fireplace is a holiday tradition for many families in Burlington, WI, Waukegan, IL, and surrounding areas. Fireplaces add warmth and ambiance to a home, but they can also be dangerous, especially for children. 

annual fireplace inspections and cleanings in Richmond ILSeveral factors contribute to the risk of chimney fires in homes with children. One is that children are more likely to be curious about fireplaces and may try to touch or play near the fire without adult supervision. Another factor is that children may be less aware of the dangers of a hot fireplace and could get severely burned if they touch the door or a wayward spark lands on their clothing.

Your family’s safety is our number one priority. So, we encourage parents, guardians, and anyone watching children near a fire to review the following chimney safety tips to keep their children safe around the fireplace.

Annual Chimney Inspection & Cleaning

It is crucial to have a professional chimney sweep inspect and clean the chimney annually to maintain safety in homes with children. Besides eliminating creosote buildup, which can pose a fire risk, it also enhances indoor air quality, minimizing the harmful effects of smoke and fumes on the lungs, which are still developing in children.

Teach Children About Fireplace Safety

Parents and guardians should inform their children that fire is dangerous and never to get too close to a fireplace. Additionally, caregivers should keep a fire extinguisher handy and know how to use it.

Install A Fireplace Screen

Installing a fireplace screen will keep embers from popping out of the fireplace and prevent children from getting too close to a burning fire.

Keep Flammable Materials Away from The Fireplace 

Keep children’s toys, wood furniture, area rugs, and other flammable materials at least 3 feet from the hearth. Additionally, ensure children are wearing non-flammable clothing for extra safety. 

Never Leave a Fire Unattended 

It’s vital to ensure that the fire in the fireplace is completely extinguished before leaving the house or going to bed. If the fire is not put out completely, it may reignite while you and your family are asleep, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning or even a fire.

What to do if your child gets burned

If your child gets burned, it is vital to act quickly:

  • Cool the burn immediately. Run cold water over the burn for at least 20 minutes.
  • Do not apply ice to the burn. It can damage the tissue.
  • If the burn is large or deep, seek medical attention immediately or call 9-1-1.

fire safety in Antioch ILChimney Fire Prevention and Safety Tips

  • Use only seasoned wood when burning a fire.
  • Never burn trash or other flammable materials in the fireplace.
  • Make sure the damper is open before starting a fire. 
  • Have a fire extinguisher nearby in case of a fire.

Professional Chimney Inspection and Cleaning 

Childproofing your fireplace starts with a safe and clean chimney. Call Burlington Fireplace today at 262-763-3522 to schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning. Or contact us online for a free estimate. Our team of experienced chimney experts will help ensure your chimney and fireplace are safe for your entire family, including children and pets. We serve customers throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, including Elk Horn, WI; Muskego, WI; Antioch, IL; and Lake Forest, IL. 


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