Common Chimney Repairs Homeowners Schedule In The Offseason

Common Offseason Chimney Repairs Scheduled by Homeowners 

As sturdy as masonry chimneys appear to be, it is important to keep up with chimney maintenance. Water is the biggest reason chimney damage occurs, but it can be difficult to recognize when water has entered the masonry and begun a cycle of destruction. As far as chimney repairs go, the best way to save money on chimney care is to address problems as they arise. The following are some of the common chimney repairs homeowners tend to schedule in the offseason.

Chimney Repair, Lake Geneva, WIChimney Crown Restoration

The crown is the chimney component that covers the top of the chimney, and it is made with a cement-like material. The chimney crown does the important job of keeping water from flowing into the masonry system between the exterior of the chimney and the flue pipe. Being constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions, it is normal for cracks and other types of deterioration to occur. Chimney professionals can sometimes perform repairs, but chimney crown replacement is often needed, instead.






The mortar applied between masonry bricks lasts only about 25 years, whereas the bricks can easily last a century or more. Once mortar cracks and flakes off, the chimney system has an increased vulnerability to moisture damage. If mortar issues are caught in time, repairs can be made using tuckpointing. The procedure helps to preserve the existing chimney structure. Basically, old mortar is scraped out and new mortar is added. Expert chimney masons perform tuckpointing in a way that the entire chimney has a uniform appearance. The structural integrity is restored, and chimneys tend to look like new after tuckpointing has been done.

Chimney Flashing Repair

Chimney flashing is the metal portion of the chimney that provides a watertight connection between the chimney and the roof—in theory! Flashing is difficult to install correctly, and the metal tends to rust through. Chimney leaks are often caused by a problem with chimney flashing. A common offseason chimney repair call is to fix the flashing so that it has the needed watertight seal. 

Chimney Liner Repair, Janesville WIChimney Liner Replacement

The offseason is the best time for a chimney inspection because damage can be discovered and repaired before the return of winter. Chimney liner damage is a serious chimney problem that can be difficult to detect unless there is an inspection. If the liner is cracked or in any other way damaged, the following are among the potentially life-threatening hazards:

  • Heat from the liner can reach combustible materials and cause pyrolysis. This means that the wood or other materials are altered and will ignite at much lower temperatures than previously. Many home fires occur every year due to a damaged chimney liner and heat getting to combustibles.
  • Deadly toxic fumes can enter the home if there is a breach of any size in the liner. The most dangerous threat is carbon monoxide, which is tasteless, invisible, odorless, and symptomless. It is essential to maintain an operational carbon monoxide alarm so that the household can be alerted in case of a leak.

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