The Perfect Fireplace for Bedrooms, Bathrooms

Bathrooms, Bedrooms & Other Small Spaces Can Have Fireplaces, Too!

Installing a bedroom fireplaceFortunately for homeowners, the days of trying to heat an entire home with a single gigantic fireplace are over. Modern fireplace designs are available to fit perfectly into smaller spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms, adding a touch of elegance as well as efficient zone heating.

Fireplaces designed for small areas are most often gas-powered, although some wood-burning styles are available. One reason gas fireplaces are so popular as supplemental heating sources is because venting is generally much more simple than with a wood fireplace.

Wall-mounted & dual-sided fireplaces

With today’s efficient and compact fireplace designs, it’s not hard to find a super model that fits right into a wall. It’s off the ground, out of the way and brings you heat when – and only when – you need it.

Want to get double-duty out of your wall-mounted fireplace? Then choose a dual-sided model. These hard-working appliances can be installed on a wall between two rooms, with a heat-producing open face on each side.

Think of where in your home this kind of unit would be beneficial. Perhaps between bedrooms, or between the kitchen and den. As long as you’ve got walls and rooms, there’s a dual-sided fireplace that’s perfect for your needs.

Corner fireplaces

A quality corner fireplace will bring you efficient warmth and stunning good looks. Often placing a fireplace in the middle of a wall isn’t a good choice, because there simply isn’t an appropriate space. A corner unit can be an ideal alternative.

Both wall-mounted and corner fireplaces work well in small homes, apartments, condos, dorm rooms and anywhere else that doesn’t offer sufficient space to put in a big, traditional fireplace.

Electric fireplaces

It’s true that a large number of homeowners use gas and wood fireplaces as a way to cut down on the high cost of utilities. But for people who are more interested in aesthetics than money-saving, electric fireplaces provide the ultimate in convenience, safety and eye-appeal.

Electric models don’t burn real flames, but their advanced technology produces a pleasing look when the unit is heated up. Zone heating with an electric fireplace means easy control of the temperature and absolutely zero toxic byproducts that are harmful to people and the environment.

The choice is yours

Electric Fireplace for Small RoomsHomeowners these days have a plethora of choices when it comes to supplemental heating systems. Fireplaces come in an amazing variety of sizes, shapes, styles and finishes, making it a snap to match the décor and ambiance of most any room, regardless of square footage.

If you live in a dwelling where space is really at a minimum, consider purchasing an efficient wall-mounted, dual-sided or corner fireplace. The best way to get started is to consult one of the hearth experts at Burlington Fireplace & Heating of Burlington, Wisconsin.

Our helpful associates are standing by to show you the best fireplace models for your specific needs. Stop by and see us at 857 Milwaukee Ave, or call us at (262) 763-3522 with any questions you may have.

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