Is It Easy To Add A Gas Firepit? - Consult An Expert For Installation

Adding a Gas Firepit: Is It Easy?

So you just got home from your friend’s fancy outdoor wedding where you spent the last two hours of the night cuddling up next to a cozy fire. You also spent the first of those two hours wondering how in the world they didn’t have any smoke blowing around before you realized – A-Ha! – that It’s actually gas. Now that you’re home, you have this crazy idea of installing your own fire pit. But is it hard? Is it expensive? What does it all take?

outdoor fire pit sale and install in Mukwonago WI1. Can any home have a gas firepit?

Yes. There are portable “fire tables” and built-in gas firepits, and for most people, both are options. The permanent fire pit requires trenching a gas line from the house, which might limit where you can put it or may require coordination before, say, a brick patio goes in. Portable fire tables, even if you never plan on moving them, oftentimes have hidden propane tank storage which makes it extremely simple.

2. Are they expensive?

Just like anything else, there is a wide spectrum of pricing. You can find very inexpensive fire pit tables (non-permanent) starting around $500 at big box stores, or you can spend anywhere between $1,000-5,000 for something of higher quality or more stylish. Built in fire pits have an even wider range of prices depending on the extent of installation. For example, a simple patio block fire pit with a gas burn pan filled with lava rock can probably be installed for $2-3,000 (or even cheaper if you install it yourself), but we’ve also seen projects hit 5, 10, or even $20,000+. It really all depends what your vision is and how far you want to take it.

3. What are my options?

Start with taking some time to come up with a clear vision. Is it something you want to be simple, non-permanent, and movable so you can bring it to your neighbor’s packer party? Or did you want to incorporate it into a new outdoor patio or landscaping? Either way there are lots and lots of choices, from simple fire tables made by The Outdoor Greatroom to custom components and sizes made by HPC Fire. Then of course most larger projects also include stonework, limestone tops, or other decorative features, which makes the clear vision really important.

gas fire pit store in Muskego WI

4. What’s the process?

  • Think about what you really want, and where you want it.
  • Consult a firepit installation expert to determine feasibility for installation of gas line, stonework, etc. if needed.
  • Get a quote and have the experts help coordinate timing on how the install will go, or get an idea on how to do it yourself.
  • Installation: Extremely simple for firepit tables (just assembly mostly!) but built-in fire pits will require a process and some planning so the install goes smoothly. Typically, the gas line and electric will get trenched to the location, before any sort of landscaping or concrete gets poured. After landscaping, the actual fire pit can get built and finished to your liking.
  • Enjoy your first fire with a bottle of wine!
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