Everything You Need To Know About Chimney Crown repairs

A Guide To Chimney Crown Repairs

Whenever there is a substantial issue with a home fixture or appliance, it’s not something we want to hear or deal with. When you have issues with your chimney during the winter, it’s not only inconvenient but also could impact a heating source for your home. Every component of a chimney works together to function as it should. Chimney crowns play an important role in keeping out unwanted moisture.

chimney crown damage in Janesville WISigns Your Crown May Be Damaged

Your chimney crown is made of strong concrete to last the test of time and unfortunate storms. However, even concrete can break down over time. It is possible that it was poorly mixed or installed during adverse weather which can expedite breakdown. But even freezing temperatures alone do a particular number on concrete because it is porous. This means water can be absorbed and freeze in those pores, then thaw as the weather warms up, leaving potential cracks in your chimney crown.

Luckily, if these issues are caught early, you’ll be able to patch it up rather than completely rebuild. But what issues are you looking for to indicate issues? The biggest sign of issues is deterioration. But before it gets to that stage, you may notice water flowing differently. You may also see hairline fractures. These are not serious alone, but it’s important to catch them early as they can lead to larger issues. As mentioned above, these likely occurred due to water freezing and thawing. Another possibility is that this occurred due to the high heat of the fire compared to the cold weather outside.

How to catch cracks early

Schedule annual inspections with your local chimney professionals. They are there to catch these issues and minimize future damage and costs. If you call the team at Burlington Fireplace, we will inspect the entire chimney and discuss potential plans of action. We’ll ensure that your chimney crown is water-resistant and prevent further damage or water damage inside. 

Potential Approaches to Fixing

The first thing we’ll ensure is that a chimney crown is present. It’s common in Europe that they skip this step, but it isn’t advisable. Additionally, it’s important to have a chimney cap on top of this to further prevent unwanted debris.

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If you don’t have these important components, our team will highly suggest doing so. Next, we’ll consider different sealants to make sure it’s waterproof. If we find that the cracks are substantial, it may require more structural repairs. However, regardless of the severity, we will work with you on a plan to get your fireplace waterproof and ready for the colder months. 

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