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7 Sure-Fire Reasons to Use Wood for Home Heating

wood for fireplaces in burlington wi Wood has gotten a bad rap in the last few years as an inefficient heating source. But the problem had more to do with the inefficiency of heating appliances rather than the wood itself. Technology has improved considerably in the last few years and EPA-certified wood burning appliances are now 50% more efficient than its predecessors and use less fuel.

Whether you’re looking to save money on home heating costs or want a more authentic fireplace experience, here are 7 sure-fire reasons to use wood for heating your home in the winter:

1. Renewable source of energy

Wood is among the oldest renewable sources of energy known to mankind. It is believed that man first began burning wood more than 600,000 years ago. The trees from which the biomass is harvested grows naturally in forests around the world. And with continued responsible forest management practices, wood will continue to be a viable renewable energy source for thousands of years to come.

2. Reduces energy costs

Burning wood to supply heat in your home can significantly reduce heating bills. Based on current fuel cost estimates published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), wood is approximately one-third the cost of heating oil. Also, the EIA expects the increase in fossil fuel costs to cost homeowners an average 28 percent more to heat their homes this winter compared to the previous year.

3. Pleasant aroma

For many homeowners, there is nothing like the fresh scent of burning wood in the winter. Its natural pleasing aroma gives off a rustic vibe that brings the beautiful scents of nature throughout the space. Many of the essential oils in incense are derived from wood products. Each variety of wood such as rose, cherry, hickory and pine, for example, all have a pleasant unique scent that will freshen up any home.

4. Warms the hearth of your space

Once your wood burning fire gets started, the flame temperature can reach up to 1,000 F, providing ample warmth directly from the hearth for an entire room. When the flame burns out and the wood turns to ash, the temperature is even hotter at approximately 1,200 F and will keep your room toasty for hours.

5. An inexpensive fuel source

Wood is the least expensive fuel source. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, one cord of wood is the equivalent to approximately 225 gallons of fuel. Considering that a cord of wood costs anywhere from $150 to $300, depending on where you live, its 67 cents to $1.33 cost per gallon is considerably less than other fuel sources.

6. Abundantly available

Where there are trees, there is wood. Even if you don’t have a forest in your backyard, seasoned hardwood that are perfect for a wood burning fireplace are abundantly available throughout the entire country. One full cord stands four feet tall and measures four feet wide and eight feet long.

7. Simple to use

fireplace & stove wood in burlington wi Wood is the simplest fuel source to use. No electricity or gas power sources are required. Simply place the log in the fireplace, use a bit of kindling and light the fire. Then close the glass doors and relax to the soothing crackling sound of a roaring fire in the comfort of your home.

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