Stove and Fireplace Installation & Chimney Sweep In Sheboygan, WI.

Sheboygan, WI

Sheboygan WI homeowners recognize that Burlington Fireplace & Heating is a great place to go for fireplace and stove sales and fireplace installation as well as chimney sweep services such as chimney inspections and chimney cleaning. Our NFI-certified chimney technicians are highly trained in chimney care and in the top brands we sell. We keep more than 30 displays burning in our retail showroom. It’s the best way we know to let customers see what heating appliances may look like in their homes.

Sheboygan WI Fireplace Insert Installation - Wood Insert - Gas Insert


Fireplace & Stove Sales / Fireplace Installs Sheboygan WI

We provide the best in chimney sweep services in Sheboygan WI, but that’s not all. We also sell pre-fab fireplaces, gas fireplaces, wood burning fireplaces, fireplace inserts, gas fireplace inserts, wood burning fireplace inserts, and pellet fireplace inserts. Because we are experts in freestanding heating stoves, wood stoves, gas heating stoves, and pellet stoves in Sheboygan WI, our expertise is helpful when you are looking to buy one of the many kinds of solid fuel heating appliances. Visit us at Burlington Fireplace for gas log sets, electric fireplaces and inserts, and outdoor fireplaces as well as fireplace and stove installation.

chimney inspection in burlington wi


Chimney Sweep Services - Cleaning, Inspection, Repairs Sheboygan WI

Chimneys get dirty, clogged, and damaged by various circumstances or deterioration resulting from normal wear and tear. Chimney exteriors are subject to extreme weather conditions, and moisture does more harm than any other threat. Sheboygan WI homeowners who schedule routine chimney inspections and chimney cleaning have fewer chimney repairs to deal with. Preventative maintenance is a real cost-saver when it comes to chimneys. Hiring the right chimney sweep company is another way to cut the costs of chimney maintenance. Our NFI-certified sweeps get chimney repairs done right the first time. When homeowners need a new chimney liner in Sheboygan WI, we usually recommend a flexible metal chimney liner. The liners are lightweight, durable, and flexible.

Metal Flue Liner Installed in Lake Geneva

Chimney Repairs

Chimney repair Sheboygan WI is often needed due to chimney deterioration and moisture intrusion. Several of our services help to prevent chimneys from needing repair. Installation of chimney caps, for example, helps to keep moisture out of masonry chimney systems. Chimney chase tops are similar to chimney caps except that chimney chase tops keep water out of metal pre-fab chimney systems. Chimney crowns are at the top of masonry chimneys, and they are built to keep water out of the chimney and deflected away from the walls of the chimney stack. Getting needed chimney repairs scheduled without delay usually helps to keep down the costs of repair.

Solar Panel Installation in Sheboygan, WI


Solar Panel Systems Sheboygan WI

At Burlington Fire & Heating, we have a commitment to solar energy that’s tough to miss. A 24-module solar array is installed at our store location. When Sheboygan WI homeowners are interested in solar panel installation, we provide all the help available with regards to getting a shading analysis and working on solar energy system design. We are thoroughly familiar with all of the paperwork involved with solar system installation, and we are here to help. We carry many solar products, including portable solar generators, which provide an alternative to noisy gasoline-powered generators.


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