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Special discount now available on the 2019 version of the popular Hearthstone Clydesale wood-burning insert! New 2020 model will be released later in 2020 but the 2019 version still utilizes the same cast-iron build, brown enamel finish, 2.5 cubic-foot firebox, soapstone lining, blower kit, and up to 75,000 BTU’s of heat as the new model. Built for large fireplaces, this insert will instantly turn an inefficient masonry fireplace into a beautiful heat source.

If new: $4,099

Now priced at: $3,499





Another 2019 version of a popular stove, Hearthstone’s Manchester wood stove features a brown enamel finish, front and side-loading doors, cast-iron build, soapstone lining, and a built-in ash pan. With up to 78,000 BTU’s of heat, this stove is capable of overnight burns and heating up to 1,500 square feet on even the coldest nights.

If new: $3,699

Now priced at: $2,999







Enerzone’s Destination 2.3 is another large wood stove built with heating in mind. Featuring a more modern look, cast-iron faceplate and door, wood storage underneath the firebox, and built-in blower kit, this stove would be a great addition to any home looking to burn wood and burn wood efficiently. We currently have (2) 2019 models left in stock, and once they are gone, they are gone.

If new: $2,649

Now priced at: $2,149




Enerzone’s Solution 1.6 is a smaller wood stove featuring a 1.6 cubic-foot firebox, up to 55,000 BTU’s of heat, and a black painted steel construction. With either the leg kit or pedestal base available, this stove fits many different decors and is perfect for smaller homes, cabins, basements, or 3-season rooms.

If new: $1,499

Now priced at: $999






Enerzone’s Solution 2.9 is the larger brother to the 1.6 featured above. With a 2.9-cubic foot firebox, this stove easily obtains overnight burns and is best suited for cold areas looking for a lot of heat. The steel top gets hot enough to cook on, and the built-in ash pan help keep the stove running for as long as you’d like.

If new: $1,979

Now priced at: $1,479






Valcourt’s Cartier is the smallest of its very popular high-efficiency wood-burning lineup. Featuring a 2.0 cubic-foot firebox and up to 65,000 BTU’s of heat, this fireplace is perfect for smaller-to-average sized homes or where too much heat output can be a problem. With it’s beautiful crown faceplate (which can be black or nickel), it can add either a modern or rustic flair and be a fantastic focal point to any room. Fireplace also features high-temp ceramic glass and built-in blower kit.

If new: 2,999

Now priced at: $2,399




The Bari wood stove is the last of our 2019 Hearthstone models we have available, and it features a round, modern design. Functioning differently than normal wood stoves, it has various locking positions to rotate the stove after installation to change the direction of the fire view. Combined with the vertical fire style, it achieves gorgeous, tall flames for a truly unique look. The Bari stove would be perfect for lake homes, homes with modern decor, or those looking to add a touch while also giving off plenty of heat.

If new: $4,975

Now priced at: $3,975








The Enerzone Eurostar has been a showroom staple for us since we installed it in 2015. With professional care and relatively low burn hours, this is a great opportunity to get a reliable pellet stove at a great price. Stove comes with a 70-pound hopper, up to 47,000 BTU’s of heat, and cream-colored side panels. The LED control board allows for easy start-up and can be combined with a wall thermostat for easy use.

If new: $4,179

Now priced at: $1,999








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