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Demo Model: Hearthstone Shelburne

Currently for sale at a discounted price is our showroom display model of Hearthstone’s Shelburne stove. This wood stove is built out of cast iron, lined on the inside with soapstone, and is finished in a basil green enamel. The Shelburne is a great mid-sized stove, featuring a 2.0 cubic-ft. firebox, standard ash pan, and the ability for overnight burns. The top is flat and gets hot enough to cook or steam water on. The Shelburne would be perfect for medium-sized homes, 3-seasons rooms, or cabins.

Price if new: $2,795

We’re asking: $1,995

Demo Model: Hearthstone Manchester

Also for sale at a special price is Hearthstone’s Manchester wood stove. This stove has been used only a couple of times but has been cleaned up nice for the next owner. The Manchester is Hearthstone’s largest cast-iron stove and features soapstone lining on the inside, left-side loading door, an ash pan, and special Barn Red enamel finish. Putting off 78,000 BTUs of heat, the Manchester is best suited for larger homes, cabins, or spaces that need the heat!

Price if new: $3,799

We’re asking: $2,799