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The best wood to burn in your fireplace

If you are new to having your own wood-burning fireplace then you may not know that certain types of firewood Read more

5 Common Fireplace Myths

By working in the fireplace industry for over a decade and being the resident expert amongst friends and family, I Read more

Importance of Hiring The Right Chimney Sweep

If you’ve ever cleaned a chimney yourself, you know that it can be a dirty and sometimes difficult job. There Read more

Preparing Your Fireplace This Fall

There is so much more to starting your fireplace than just lighting it up when you’re ready. Proper preparation for Read more

Chimney Crown Repair

Many think the chimney is one solid piece but in reality, your chimney is made up of several parts that Read more

Is Fireplace Maintenance on Your Fall Schedule?

Scheduling maintenance for your fireplace may not sound like much fun but it’s one of those things that makes the Read more

Rising Gas Prices: Save Money on A Wood Stove or Fireplace Insert

Inflation has us all taking a second look at expenses and cutting costs wherever we can. Heating and cooling bills Read more

The Most Common Fireplace Tools

Not everyone was born with a silver screwdriver in their back pocket, in fact, many women and an increasing number Read more

Four Summertime Fireplace Myths

Yes, it’s true, if you aren’t careful you can end up believing myths about your fireplace. Perhaps you’ve just come Read more

How to Teach Your Kids To Grill

Cooking is a special skill. Not only can it be entertaining for some and relaxing for others, but it’s an Read more

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